The Battle of Stoke

Thursday next week could prove an interesting day for British politics with by-elections in Stoke-on-Trent and Copeland in Cumbria. Labour have held onto both these seats since before WWII, but according to latest news WWIII is erupting in Stoke…

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, a working class grass roots scouser, is contesting the seat hoping to upset the Labour monopoly – and according to the latest polls he has a good chance of succeeding. In the referendum, 70% of the Stoke electorate voted to leave the EU. The incumbent MP Tristram Hunt is baling out of the Corbynistas to take up a post at the V&A in London. Presumably he doesn’t reckon much of Labour’s chances at the next election and like many others is quitting now whilst a lucrative job is in the offing. Who could blame him?

So Labour’s militant left is responding in the way it knows best. There have been violent demonstrations at UKIP meetings, the house that Nuttall is using in the constituency has had it’s address published on the internet – prompting hate mail and two break ins. In one case a female UKIP worker was terrorised when she was alone in the building. Death threats have been made against Nuttall and only today it has been reported that Farage and Nuttall were egged in the street on their way to a meeting. Typical Momentum tactics that we’ve seen before.

And just to prove that Labour really doesn’t have a clue, their candidate Gareth Snell is a rampant Europhile who has described Brexit as a “massive pile of shit” in a rant on Twitter. This is a clear vote winner in a heavily Eurosceptic constituency. In fact Labour are so out of touch that they’ve told their own leader to stay away because they think he’s “not an asset on the doorstep”. You couldn’t make it up…

In Copeland it’s a bit more laid back – but not a lot. The biggest employer in the region is the Sellafield nuclear plant. Corbyn’s Labour opposes the expansion of nuclear power. Another vote winner there then? And ironically the by election has been called because the sitting Labour MP Jamie Reed is leaving to take up the post of Head of Development & Community Relations at none other than Sellafield. Reed is a vociferous Corbyn critic and clearly realised his chances of deselection are pretty damned high.

I doubt we’ve seen the last of Labour MPs getting out while the going is good. With Corbyn in charge, they know the party is unelectable so why hang around waiting for the chop either from their own party or the electorate?

Nuttall should win Stoke easily whereas Copeland looks a little closer with the Tories hoping to take the seat. Whatever happens, it looks dismal for Labour. So are we watching the first death throws of a once major party? With the shift of UKIP to targeting traditionally Labour strongholds in the north of England, things ain’t exactly looking rosy…

and they’ve only themselves to blame!


12 responses to “The Battle of Stoke

  1. I suppose in a way Blair, Mandelson, Brown et al caused this demise of the Labour Party with their mass dumping of immigrants on their supporters from 1997 onward. Who would have thought at their height in the early/mid 2000s such a major political party could go down so fast?

  2. You may be interested to learn that a Labour spokesperson considers me and any other person who supports or votes for UKIP as

    “most of the UKIP people are either people who haven’t voted or have flipped in a radical way from Labour. They are toe-rags, basically. They are the bloke who nicks your bike”

    The comments are priceless.

    But he did get one person dead wrong. I flipped from the Tory party, partly because of Cameron, partly because of Clegg and that business of asking for our thoughts on what should be changed, then poo-poo’d it when he discovered bring back hanging and amend the smoking ban came 1st & 2nd.

    I hope you’re correct about Mr. Nuttal. After all even the duplicitous pipsqueak Clegg is all in favour of their having people in the H of C!

    Though I suspect he may have had his fingers crossed when he said it.

    • I also flipped from the Tories – but I have to admit that Cameron was ssssoooooo disappointing. Time will tell for May but anything is better than another coalition with Clegg in it…

  3. You may be right that UKIP will win, but I wouldn’t call it as easy, bookies have it neck and neck.

    Will be a very interesting indicator of Labour’s fortunes though, no doubt about it!

  4. Bernard from Bucks.

    I’ve a nasty feeling that the Labour postal votes from Bradford may swing the result to Labour?

  5. Nothing is ever sure in politics Dioclese. You can be sure that all the so called fascist “anti-fascists” like Hope not soap and Antifa will do their damndest to allow UKIP any voice. It’s not enough to disagree, you have to silence the opposition apparently.

    Good to see Liebour slipping in the overall polls. Couldn’t happen to a nicer party. Truly the chickens are coming home to roost.

  6. Snell is a potty mouthed little shit with a track record of Twitter abuse for anyone he doesn’t agree with, some of it, ironically enough, highly sexist. Nasty piece of work – and thus the perfect Labour candidate. Not sure if UKIP can pull it off, but anything’s possible these days. In the long term Labour is not dead, but wholly unelected. it has become the vehicle for hard left Trots, allied with inner city Islam. .

  7. Oh, and yes I saw the “Bike stealing toe rags” comments. That’s the end of Labour. It despises the people it was set up to protect, and actively seeks to crush them with mass immigration. .