The Ministry of Truth

I was interested to read this morning an article in the Daily Fail by Katie Hopkins about the infiltration of our schools by snowflakes and libertarians who are brainwashing our children.

She’s quite right when she says that it’s fine for teachers to teach our children to think, but goes on to point out that that what’s increasingly happening is that teachers are teaching our children what to think. By pushing their own agenda and their biased view of the world, they’re brainwashing an entire generation – and that’s not only wrong, it’s dangerous as well.

The anti-Trump protests are a visible example of this insidious practice. I worry when I see 9 year old kids carrying banners saying things like “Not my president” or “Immigrants welcome” or “No hate, No racism!” because my grandson is 9 years old and is certainly not au fait with the complicated goings on in world politics. He simply doesn’t understand it. And why should he? He’s 9 nine years old and enjoying his childhood. Plenty of time later for worrying about the state of the world!

When kids start coming home and telling their parents that Mr Trump is a racist and wants to do bad things, I seriously wonder how young children could have arrived at this opinion unless it was rammed down their throats by teachers with their own political agenda. I doubt my 9 year old knows very much about the new President of the USA or, for that matter, about Brexit. Somebody is filling their heads with this stuff.

Now I’ll admit that some of this might be down to the political leanings of the parents and that’s been going on for generations. My political leanings might have been considerably different if my father had a different job to the one he actually had. He never rammed his political opinions down my throat, but at the same time we are all heavily influenced by our upbringings. I’m not defending it – it’s just the way it is and has always been. But it is worrying when out teachers do it.

We send our kids to school to be educated, not molded; taught to think not what to think; to behave not how to behave. It’s a school, not the ministry of truth. They’re there to be educated, not re-educated.

Orwell got it right – he just got the year and venue wrong…


5 responses to “The Ministry of Truth

  1. SwedishSquadleader

    I think the “No hate, No racism!” is okay. It’s not politics. Don’t they teach tolerance at school? America has many cultures and you’re probably good at handling it. That’s my view as a swede anyway.

    • You really think the “No hate, No racism!” slogan isn’t political?
      In the States it seems very political when applied to the Mexican wall and the travel ban…

  2. For the Left, 1984 isn’t a novel. It’s a blueprint.

  3. I agree with you Mr D, it’s insidious and it makes my toes curl, I dread to think what my Grandsons will grow up believing. We are already in a situation where History is being rewritten daily and as a matter of course. Everyone is nodding and saying well done, but it’s not the truth it’s a bastardisation of the facts and it’s twisted and biased. In the past Teachers taught free thinking, now teaching is swamped with left wing snowflakes who can’t even spell yet they are teaching our future generations! I can only nod and agree with rapscallion. My Husband and myself were both teachers many moons ago and both of us left the profession due to the push towards brainwashing. If you talk to young people all their ideas and thoughts exactly mimic each other, none of them have an original thought in their heads, and that is a very scary place for us to be. The language of the teaching is actually academic it’s the underlying poison in that language that counts. teachers are pursing an agenda and it’s not their place to teach my children and grandchildren how to be politically correct.