Advance Australia backwards…

Score one more for The Donald…!

Seems he thinks that Obummer’s deal to take in 1,200 illegal immigrants currently detained in Australia is a ‘dumb deal’ and, frankly, I find it hard to disagree with him. The Aussies don’t want them, the Yanks are cracking down on illegal immigration and we need to focus on the word ‘illegal’.

Malcolm Turnbull himself commented ‘I’m doing what I was elected to do and that’s stand up for Australia’s interests’ which is fair enough so let’s not criticise Trump for doing exactly the same thing.

The answer is detain them and then send them back. It’s the only way to get the message across and stem the flow…


4 responses to “Advance Australia backwards…

  1. I’m not normally a betting man but I’m thinking maybe it’s worth a walk down to my local Ladbrokes to place a wager on the outcome that we’ll take the lot. Perhaps the odds would be a tad on the short side.

  2. mikesplaceweb

    Hey Mr Dioclese,

    Looks like you’re about as impressed with the reaction to the “Muslim ban” as me. I posted this on my new blog…

    I’ve been commenting on the sweary blog you used to admin for a while but recent events have inspired me to start my own place.

    Hope you don’t mind me trying to piggyback on your popularity!

    • I don’t mind you piggybacking in the slightest! Anything to help a new blogger. If I can assist, please feel free to mail me using the – duh – mail icon thingy in my left menu bar.

      Only one comment – mind out for TLDNR (too long did not read) as people will tend to go half way through a long piece, get bored, bugger off and not return. Just saying!

      Of course, you could help admin the ‘sweary blog’ if you wanted…

  3. Thanks for the advice. Have split my latest in two.

    Perhaps your arsonist friend Mr Saxon would like this one. I know he’s a big fan of religion.