Trumps visitor ban…

So the idiots are out jumping up and down about the Trump travel restrictions. To paraphrase Churchill, never has so much bollocks been spouted by so many about so little…

Let’s do something unique. Let’s actually look at some facts! Novel, isn’t it? Firstly, it’s NOT unprecedented. Bush did exactly the same thing after 9/11 and nobody went out on the streets protesting about that, did they?

Secondly, the list of seven countries that are effected was drawn up in 2011 by Barack Obama. It’s not been just pulled out of the air by Trump as people are suggesting.

Thirdly, it’s a 120 day ban so all these people who say he should be ostracised until the ban is lifted just need to cool off and wait another 117 days.

It’s been conveniently forgotten by the idiots that Trump proclaimed this policy loud and clear during his election campaign, just like that ‘great big beautiful wall’ so he’s doing what he promised. Maybe politicians keeping their word is something that the snowflakes just can’t understand?

And while we’re talking about idiots, it would be hard to ignore Chami Chakrabati and Mo Farah and the bollocks they’ve been spouting. Our Chami says it’s racist. Well it isn’t because religion isn’t a race – and coming from the muslim appointed to the Lords by Corbyn in exchange for a fudged report on antisemitism in the Labour Party, I find her protestations a bit rich.

And then there’s Farah. Apparently he says it will effect him because he’s Somalian. Well if that’s so then why does he run for Britain and hold a British passport? It might be a great opportunity for self promotion, but let’s face it – you’re talking bollocks aren’t you Mo?

And on the subject of bollocks, there’s a million more idiots signing an on line petition to cancel a state visit for a man who hasn’t even been invited yet.

FFS people! Get a grip!..


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  1. At last! Common sense,but of course Saint Barack could do no wrong, despite being a shit useless President.

  2. The special little snowflakes are in meltdown. One of them has posted on her FB page that she wants to kill Sir Nigel and bomb the White House. Mental isn’t the word. If they ever get back in power, God help us all….


    • One thing that disgusted me yesterday was a kid aged about 7 filmed on a march in Washington carrying an anti Trump banner and chanting. What the fuck does a kid that age understand about what’s going on????

      It was on the Clinton News Network of course….

  3. Yeah, this is the problem with facts isn’t it? They’re something that’s inconvenient to the snowflakes and SJWs. Like you said, it’s been done before, the list was OBummer’s and the Donald is implementing a policy he was voted to carry out. Imagine, a politician doing what the public wants – it’ll never catch on! – not if the Left have anything to do with it.

    Anyway, I think it’s great – because not only is it right and sensible but it has the added bonus of pissing off every libtard crybaby.

    • The beeb were trying to bully one of Trumps interim team on this morning’s world service. She was having none of it. Really nice to see the beeb put in its place.
      When suggesting that some people might sympathise, it was pointed out that 66% approve. Not sympathise, approve of the ban. Priceless…

  4. ‘Donald Trump should be invited to make an official State Visit because he is the leader of a free world and U.K. is a country that supports free speech and does not believe that people that appose our point of view should be gagged.’

    This is growing very quickly (8000 + added in last hour, over 97,500 at time of writing).

  5. Past presidents who imposed a similar ban:
    Bush – both of them, I think, Obama (Iranians – for 6 months), Reagan (Cubans) and Carter (Iranians). There might be more. It’s definitely not unprecedented.
    Some of them have dropped thousands of bombs, too (including Obama) and nobody came out on the streets with placards.

    • Quite right Margo. So how come when they did it, it was hunky dory but when Trump does it it’s suddenly illegal and unconstitutional?

      (sorry for delay in releasing your comment, but I’m just back from holidays and wifi was a bit dodgy out there…)

  6. backofanenvelope

    It will be debated on Feb 20th.

  7. I’m not a fella who usually signs petitions, especially virtual ones (not worth the paper they are not written on). In this instance I’ve made an exception.