Sorry! I just don’t get it…

This morning we went for a walk along the Funchal sea front to investigate the far end of town. We’ve been in Madeira a few times but never ventured up there, so why not?

When our luxury trip to the Gambia went tits up, I considered a week in Reids. It’s supposed to be one of the world’s best hotels after all – so if it’s luxury you’re after, that should be a place you can find it. I have to say I’m glad we didn’t bother. The photos in the brochure look great but they don’t show the modern block of rooms in front of the old building. Kinda kills the old world charm angle for me.

Reids is, of course, now owned by Belmond who seem intent in cornering the ‘famous hotels’ market. I’ve been to the Residencia in Deya and their hotel by the amphitheatre in Taormina. In both cases I have to say I could smell the bullshit way before I even walked through the door. They’re not for me!

But I digress. Back to the point – which is why the fuck do people run marathons? You put yourself through hell just to run around in a circle for 26 miles. Why? It’s totally pointless, fucks your body, shortens your life and buggers your knee joints. For what exactly? So you can prove something to yourself apparently…

Well, I can prove something to myself by not running a marathon. I can prove that I’ve got better things to do with my life. Like I said, I just don’t get it…

…or Belmond hotels either come to that!


One response to “Sorry! I just don’t get it…

  1. I have type two diabetes. The fitter I am the less of an issue it is. I like my food, I can eat as much as I like and stay thin. I enjoy doing triathlons as well as distance running. I started doing sprint triathlons which are good fun but not much of a challenge. As you get fitter they get easier you see, so you tend to step up to the next distance and then the next. I’m doing an Ironman in July. Having said all that, I’m not sure that I know why either but then I don’t get why anyone would want to watch other people playing football.

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