Have some Madeira m’ dear…

Well thanks to certain African despots kicking off, my two weeks of unbridled luxury was rigbt royally fucked! But do I let it get me down? Do I buggery…!

In the British true spirit of ‘non illigitimi carborundum’ I’ ve grabbed meslf a week in a classy little gaff in the old town of Funchal where I’ve stayed once before. Admittedly it isn’t going to be the 30 degree heat of the Gambia, but with the five grand I’ve saved I can buy a lot of heartwarming booze to sooth the savage beast of disappointment – plus I can always try again next year, or even later this, or even both.

In the meantime there are some excellent restaurants in the old town and Mr. Blandy does make the most excellent madeira, so chin up and toodle pip for now…


8 responses to “Have some Madeira m’ dear…

  1. backofanenvelope

    We are off to our 5th consecutive holiday in Madeira in a couple of weeks. The hotel is lovely, the people are nice and speak English, the weather is good enough, and everyone knows how to make coffee!

  2. backofanenvelope

    quinta da casa branca

    • Gives me an excuse for a walk this morning. We’re the opposite end of town at the Quinta Bela Sao Tiago in the old town up behind the big yellow fort by the church tower.

      Nice old place. Not big modern and shiny like the CR7 shit hole. Not my sort of place. I prefer small old traditional places and the old town has some great restaurants.

    • Interesting. We wandered up there this morning through the melee of the Funchal marathon! interesting architecture in the new part and lovely gardens. Had a good look around due to an alarming lack of security! Seemed to us that the old part and the new part don’t really gel together?

      Bit far out of town for my liking but if you want to totally chill I can see the attraction. We stayed out at the old Blandy estate at Palheiro a few years back when we went lavada walking. Lovely place now ruined by a new block to service the golf course. Fantastic restaurant in those days. I’m guessing the one you’re staying at must also be pretty good as there didn’t seem to be much around and what there was is around double the price of the old town.

      I can see you’ll have a good relaxing time there – bit like I was planning in the Gambia. Somewhere that has everything you need without bothering to go off site!

  3. backofanenvelope

    Better location than casa Branca, but a lot bigger.

  4. backofanenvelope

    There is no security and the restaurant is pretentious crap! But the rooms are good and the service also. The old manor has only just been opened up and doesn’t look right. There are plenty of places to eat nearby; the only problem at our age is that you always have to walk uphill after dinner!

    • 49 at your place and 64 here. Better than some of the modern monoliths eh? I’m like you and like ’em smaller.
      Know what you mean about ‘ our age’ – it’s not for wimps is it? Same here to be fair as it’s uphill to get home…

      Nice sea view this morning from our balcony. Cloudy with a light breeze. Thomson Majesty and AidaBlu in port so not thinking of going into town just yet although emergency supplies required later. We’ve run out of madeira !…