Get yer Yahya out!

I’m having a bad week. People are pissing me off right, left and centre. The latest is Yahya Jammeh. Now I know what you’re thinking – “who the fuck is Yahya Jammeh?” Well, he’s the President of the Gambia and he’s just fucked up a very nice holiday I was about to take next week.

Seems El Presidente of the Gambia Jammeh doesn’t like the result of the election that was held in December, despite the fact that he’d initially conceded defeat. Then he changed his mind. He was put into power by the army in 1994 and has been there ever since, likely salting away a couple of bob along the way? There’s currently a state of emergency in the Gambia, it has two presidents as the President elect, Adama Barrow, has been sworn in in Senegal. But Jammeh is still hanging on backed by the best regiments of the army.

His cabinet is disolving around him and buggering off to Senegal where, understandably, it’s a tad safer for them. The Nigerian army has moved tanks, warplanes and a ship to the area and is massed on the border waiting for a UN resolution to legalise armed intervention.

Meanwhile, the UK operators are repatriating their clients in the Gambia as fast as planes can be got there before the airport is seized and they’re stuck there. The FCO is telling people not to go unless it’s essential, and my tour operator has cancelled my very nice two weeks in the best hotel in the country.

I feel sorry for the Gambians whose jobs in the hotels and shops have just gone down the toilet as the tourists leave. They’ve got bugger all to fall back on so the prospect of a civil uprising looks inevitable unless they fancy starving. On the other hand, there could be an invasion by a West African coalition army. Either way, if you were a Gambian, I suspect you’d be on the ferry across the river to Senegal tout suite.

As for me, I’m just glad I wasn’t flying out last week instead of next week.


6 responses to “Get yer Yahya out!

  1. Fuck a flight to gambia must cost a fortune Dio I don’t know why you go to these exotic bongo places do they have cheap drugs or cheap prostitutes or something?.

    Btw Have you seen the bloody size of gambian bugs? fucking size of small cats how would you like to snuggle and wake up with one of those gigantic ugly cunts staring you in the face

    • Actually the flight’s the cheap bit. It’s only a few hours so Mrs D’s back doesn’t demand business class as it does on anything over about 6 hours or she can’t walk for a week afterwards!

      Was staying in Ngala Lodge in Fajara. Very nice – check out their web site. Luxury hotel with the best restaurant in the country run by an English chef. We don’t do slumming it. Life’s too short – especially at our age…

      Grabbed a last week in Madeira instead. Full refund coming from the tour operator.

      Suppose I should apologise to the Rolling Stones for the title of the post 😉

      • Yeah package deals can be hit or miss shame bout gambia revolt, thats another thing cant stand long flights even 4 hours is too long for me.

        Ya Get yer ya yas out was a decent live album except it wasn’t exactly 100% live as it had a load of overdubbing done on but it has it moments got live if you want it is another good titled one that often gets referenced

  2. Off topic I know, but ISAC is down and has been for several days. I know you are not looking after it anymore, but I dont have anyway of contacting anyelse about it. Not sure you can help ?

    • HTTP500 is a server error. As you say, the site’s not anything to do with me any more but I asked The Eye because I got several emails asking me. Apparently there’s a problem in India and they’re working on getting the server back on line and restoring the site from backup.

      That’s all I know…

      The Eye is at

  3. As you probably know Mr D, the ex-president, Mr Magumbo, has fucked off with a banana basket full of shrunken heads and gold. While the new president, Mr Magumbo, has returned and immediately started to fill his pockets with shrunken heads and gold. This of course doesn’t mean Mugumbia will not turn into one massive bloody banana fight with heads flying akimbo. Good for the machete and shrunken head market. Not so good for the average Mugumbian. If only they had the foresight to become president (or ex-pres). They tend to do much better. Didn’t I tell you to holiday in Scarborough- I hear tell it’s very bracing at this time of year, just like Wellington. By the way ISAC is down.