Fuck you, Asda!

I used to like Asda for wine. They sold my favourite white at an excellent price and I’d go down there regularly for 6 or more bottles. But not any more because they’ve blown it…

I went down there and bought 6 bottles for £6.00 each. No bother. I went to the till and paid. Then before I left the store I thought “That doesn’t sound right?” and it wasn’t. They charged me £6.98 a bottle instead – so I went to the cashier and queried it. A girl went to the shelf with me and there it was : £6 a bottle so I said I’d been overcharged so gimme my six odd quids back.

“Can’t do that” she says. “Not able to do that on the tills. You either accept the £7 or we’ll give you your money back.” I’m a reasonable bloke. Not her fault. “Manager” says I. “Now please” and out comes some spotty faced kid who is apparently the manager of the wine department. “I’ll check the price” says he and buggers off. Five minutes later, back he comes and declares that the price I’ve been charged is correct and the price shown on the shelf is wrong. Again I’m told accept it or take a full refund. FFS!

“Store manager” says I. “Now please.” “Not available” I’m told. How convenient. “Here’s a solution” I suggest. “Just give me a gratis bottle so I have 7 at effectively £6 instead of 6 at £7.” Seems reasonable. It’s called customer service.

“Can’t do that” says he. “Messes up me stock control.” FFS again! “So” says I holding out a bottle at arms length, “what happens if I drop this and it smashes. How does your stock control handle that?” “That’s shrinkage” says he. “These things happen!” “So let’s pretend it happened this time and we can all go away happy?”

“Can’t do that” says he. FFS! FFS! I’m starting to lose it now! “So” I continues, “do you never have any wine stolen from your store that makes your figure wrong?” “That’s shrinkage” says he. I’m getting bloody nowhere and beginning to think that the major shrinkage is in this idiot’s brain cavity?…

“But it’s £6 on your website” says I, “and it’s click and collect. So if I put these 6 bottles back on the shelf and then go on line and order 6 bottles off your website, I get the same physical bottles from the same shelf in the same store for £6! What’s the problem.”

“That’s OK” says the moron. “The prices on the website aren’t necessarily the prices in the store.” “But it’s the self same actual physical bottles FFS!” “Yes, but you bought them on line not in the store – you just collected them from the store.”

So I’m marched down to the customer services desk where I’m ignored for around 15 minutes due to the queue of similarly pissed off customers, they refund my money and I piss off home without any wine.

What a bunch of fucking idiots…


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  1. What the shelf price says IS the price. Anything else is a scam. If a store has the wrong price, within reason of the actual price, and based on that sign, the customer buys it, then that is the FAIR and HONEST price, AS QUOTED to the customer, vis-a-vis the sign. The customer should receive the price, as quoted, the store should then change the price on the sign so from then on,it reflects accurately what their real intention is to charge. Any store who does not honour that type of policy, of refunding the difference to the customer comes from totally dishonest, unethical moral values and should be boycotted and never shopped again. That is my opinion of any store that pulled that disgusting trick on me, how I would react.

  2. Report the fuckers to Trading Standards – the displayed price must be honoured by law (unless it’s been tampered with by a customer).

    • Try telling that to the spotty faced fucking idiot I was talking to!

      All he kept saying was ‘Can’t do it on alcohol because of minimum pricing laws. It’s illegal’ which is of course absolute bollocks…

  3. We had the exact opposite thing in Tesco. We picked up a large frying pan that was priced on the shelf at £19. When we got to the till, it rang up at £30. We told the girl on the till that it said £19 on the shelf. She got her manager to go and check, and she said that as that was the shelf price, that is what we paid! She then said, “Bugger I wish I had noticed that first, I’d have had one for myself..” 🙂 Apparently, the price on the shelf is what you should pay.

  4. Sadly, you got a lad who obeys all the rules- hasn’t yet realised that ‘rules’ are for the guidance of wise men and strict obeyence by fools. Perhaps he got it right after all.

  5. I got some rather expensive (£21.99) Expensive for me ‘cos I’m from Yorkshire!! bedside lamps from Homebase for £4.99 each because the shelf pricing was wrong. Wish I’d picked up half a dozen instead of the two I needed…

  6. Isn’t this where a fancy phone comes in handy? Stand in front of jobsworth and order those six bootles for £6.00 each via “Click and collect”.

    • Tried that. But was told I’d not be able to take them off the shelf because they take them off the shelf and take them to the collection point where they’d be ready to collect later! Arrrggghhhhh!!!!

  7. The price shown on the shelf was an “invitation to treat” and does not have to honoured at the till.

    • That was my understanding when I studied law – but that was a long time ago…
      Taking it to the till is the offer, cashier ringing it up is the acceptance, and paying is the valuable consideration, the three elements of a contract.

      They’re still idiots tho, but I don’t expect Asda to worry over losing my few hundred quid a year!

  8. What the cunt is happening with isacunt Dio? site been non accessible for bout a day and a half now. Wonder if it has been compromised or maybe they are just working on it.. that could be perhaps

    • HTTP500 is a server error. As you know, the site’s not anything to do with me any more but I asked The Eye because I got several emails asking me. Apparently there’s a problem in India and they’re working on getting the server back on line and restoring the site from backup.

      That’s all I know…

      The Eye is at eye@allseeingeye.net

  9. They do have some bargains in good wine but when I order a case of 12 on line, they arrive in four plastic bags ,3 in each. The delivery guy doesn’t understand it either; they have to take the bottles out of the case, dispose of same, and employ someone to put them in bags!

    • I recently got some yukon jack (whiskey liqueur basically), haven’t drank anything for about 3 weeks now but was feeling gloomy week since so I got one when I was picking up a few ales for trumps swearing in .

      I honestly bought it on impluse because the slogan reminded me of a song by quatermass black sheep of the family and I remember from years prior that it mixes surprisingly well with coffee and cranberry juice its good stuff but can’t always find it then again not a heavy drinker but sorry to hear bout the wine increase Dio

  10. Never had this problem at Lidl, the member of staff goes to look at the sign mumbles something about somebody hasn’t changed it and refunds the difference. Job done, good customer relations.

  11. Well just to really piss you off, just been to Leclerc here in Brittany and got 4 bottles of a nice Cabernet for 8€ (7£) no bother at the till either….
    Sorry all.

  12. Our local Asda is OK. I once had a problem with items that were reduced in price so that the special price for buying three was more than the price of the three items separately. They just refunded the difference. I also bought a coffee machine for £12 and was told to keep the receipt as a guarantee, which I did. After about 51 weeks and after making gallons of coffee, it died. Since that model wasn’t available anymore, I got a full refund on it.