The Day of the Donald

So, Friday is the big day – the Day of the Donald – when the man who they said would never make the ballot paper is inaugurated as the chief bullshitter in the nation of the greatest bullshitters on the planet…

Will it be all bad? I don’t think so because after 8 years of a totally lame duck President Obama, Trump might actually be just the bloke to get things moving again. There’s this stupid idea that only politicians should be national leaders, but they haven’t impressed me that they’ve done that great a job. So why not a successful businessman? Why not a wheeler dealer? Could be just what’s needed, couldn’t it?

Trump wants to meet Putin, get a new SALT treaty rolling and gang up on IS. Works for me. Less nukes in the world and enough combined military force to wipe the extremists off the face of the earth. Wouldn’t that make things just a little bit safer for us all?

And Obama wanted to put the UK at the back of the queue for a trade deal. Trump wants to put us at the front. Got to be good for the UK especially with May playing hardball on Brexit.

No, I’m with Trump. He seems to me to have got his priorities right where I personally want them to be. Let’s just hope the CIA don’t bump him off before he can deliver…


3 responses to “The Day of the Donald

  1. It’s all very entertaining. I’m watching it all unfold before my very eyes and I’m tittering out loud about it all. The special little snowflakes I know are SO up in arms about it. And that makes me titter even more…


  2. Those who decry Trump because he’s never served in political office might like to recall that, at least in the UK, until fairly recently politicians had had real jobs before they stood for election. There seemed to be a huge change – for the worse – when representing your constituency became a rung on the greasy political career ladder rather than the chance to serve your country (or am I just seeing the past through rose-tinted glasses?).

  3. I am sooooo chuffed to f*ck that the Donald is going to be President of the good ole US of A. Not being a politician is a plus in my view. Already he’s got the MSM up in arms because he won’t play their game – and good for him too. He uses twitter to bypass the MSM and it in effect is broadcast to the people direct. No matter how outrageous his tweets are – I can’t see his account being banned. Can you?

    What Trump is really about is the Reformation of the West, what we, in the West are really about. The removal of the forces of darkness, rolling back the forces of deadening socialism and the draining of the pustulent swamp