Corbyn 2.0


So yesterday saw the launch of Labour Leader 2.0 which was much expected to be the improved, bug free version codenamed ‘Corbyn’. So what new features is this upgrade offering?

Well the previous version suffered lots of glitches which provoked its users to give it a great big vote of no confidence. As a result there was a user convention and a grand reshuffle of the development team. Unfortunately despite these changes at the top, the latest version seems to be just as muddled and lacking any clear sense of direction. It seems as if the developers are fighting amongst themselves rather than pulling together as a team.

For example, take the brexit management module. Is it in or out? Hard or soft? Clearly there’s a lack of user configuration which is immediately apparent. Whatever you tell it, there’s a clear lack of communication between the hardware and software. The software just doesn’t take instructions from the hardware core, or Momentum as it’s known by the developers. Momentum seems to be bullying the software into taking instructions that it’s just not set up to accept.

Then there’s the confusing EU module. Does it want to accept the underlying architecture of free movement? Yes or no? To be honest it’s not really clear and more conflicts are apparent.

It gets even worse though. Take the interface to the TUC systems. We really can’t tell if they’re supported or not. And it’s even more apparent with the NHS interface which the developers say needs much more investment before it’s workable. Tbe problem here is that it’s really not clear where that investment is going to come from.

No, all in all this release is really just cosmetic changes to an outdated and outmoded system. They’re trying to paper over the cracks but at the end of the day, it needs a hell of a lot more work before the punters will buy into it…


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  1. That wouldn’t be Comrade Corbyn giving the Nazi salute would it?
    It would make sense – they were all socialists.

    Corbyn – the gift that keeps on giving.