Get ’em by balls…


So Theresa May gives her first full interview on Sky News. To be fair, May has never been famous for giving much away to interviewers. She has been described as the hardest PM to interview since Atlee, so although Sophy Ridge did her best, it’s not surprising that May stood firm and gave little away.

Much has been spouted by her political opponents about hard and soft Brexit and lack of stated government policy. May was pretty scathing about her predecessor – especially concerning his total lack of preparation for a leave vote. The point is that Cameron was so arrogant that a leave vote was unthinkable, so no need to plan.

Whilst all this going on, the then Home Secretary was doing a John Major who famously developed political tooth ache during Thatcher’s final hours and then knifed her in the back. May was keeping her powder dry and avoiding Cameron’s pressure to declare her position as his position which it now seems it never was?

Her position is now becoming clearer. She believes that control over immigration and law outweighs membership of the single market. I believe she is right. We will still sell to the EU without being a member because it is in both parties interests for this to happen.

This is the so called ‘cake and eat it’ option. Brussels says it won’t happen but May just might pull it off. She’s an accomplished politician and no what you think of her, she’s nobody’s fool. As Spiro Agnew once famously said ‘When you have them by the balls, then the head and the heart follow!’ so never mind grabbing them by the pussy, grab ’em by the balls.

Ironically the person with the most balls appears to be a woman. Brexit? Bring it on and watch the woman play hardball…


4 responses to “Get ’em by balls…

  1. If she can grab that Juncker by the balls and squeeze that little bit tighter than necessary without yielding she will have my full respect.

  2. The situation is being driven by the EU playing hardball. May was a remainer and it is only now where she is being given very little leeway that she is playing hardball. Thank you for your inflexibility Mr EU. You forced May to make a decision.

  3. First, let it be remembered that May was a “Remainer” Secondly, barring three big changes (May, Hammond and Boris), nothing else has changed.
    Her nickname isn’t “Sharia May” for nothing. The delay in triggering Article 50 is NOT accidental.

    On the plus side, she dare not going against 17.4 million of us or the tories will be swept away and the next GE. Next we should be asking the EU what sort of deal are they going to come up with for access to OUR market

    No deal is better than a bad deal. The EU would have liked us to remain in the Single Market, but as this means the four freedoms (especially movement) that isn’t on the cards. No deal is not good for either side – so all that is left is some sort of deal we can both live with. The EU cannot afford to cock this one up. Not with Holland and France having their elections this year.

    • Was she a remainer? I thought so but now I’m not so sure. Craig Oliver’s book is interesting on the subject.
      Cameron put lots of pressure on May to publicly back remain as an act of loyalty threatening to sack her if she didn’t. Apparently she ducked and dived and pissed him off big time before half heartedly supporting remain.
      Politics is dirty business and you can’t always believe everything you read, but it makes you wonder…