Our man in Brussels


So, Farewell then
Sir Ivan Rogers
You didn’t like Brexit
You didn’t like politicians
Actually, you didn’t like much really…
(E.J Thribb, aged 9¾)

Well, so our man in Brussels has fallen on his sword and the reports of his demise that are coming out this morning are most illuminating. It seems that Sir Humphrey – sorry, Sir Ivan – was so pro-EU that he had the flag tattooed on his arse, figuratively speaking.

Rogers was principal private secretary to Ken Clarke whose passion for brown Hush Puppies and the EU cost him his chance of becoming Tory leader. No Tory Leader should wear brown shoes. He also turned his back on his own party in the recent article 50 vote where he was the only Tory rebel. Rogers also served as chief of staff to the former vice-president of the European Commission, Leon Brittan. Clarke and Brittan were staunch supporters of the UK joining the Euro – and look how that would have turned out!

It’s reported that he regarded himself as intellectually superior to politicians. Every time he got slapped down, he threw a hissy fit and threatened to resign. Under Cameron, he got away with it. He rewarded Cameron for appointing him by effectively buggering up his pre-referendum ‘renegotiation’ at every opportunity. Clearly a man to whom the word ‘loyalty’ is absent from his dictionary.

He tried it on again with May. First he makes a speech telling the world that it will take 10 years to get the UK out of the EU – not a good start – and then slags off his own government by saying they’re unprepared and guilty of wooly thinking. You can bet your bottom dollar that May and David Davies were broken hearted when he tried the resignation tactics again. They accepted it, probably with a whoop of joy at the prospect of seeing the back of him.

Reportedly, he’s now thinking of joining up with Clegg and Blair in their attempts to derail the will of the people. Well, good luck with that. He’ll be shuffled away to a quiet corner of the Foreign Office and told to keep his mouth shut. And anyway, nobody really gives a fuck what he thinks.

So who’s going to replace him. Well, it won’t be Nigel Farage that’s for certain – although it bloody well ought to be…!


6 responses to “Our man in Brussels

  1. If only this was an opening of the floodgates or a breaking of the log-jam and dozens more were to follow.

    Unlikely, but it’s nice to dream occasionally.

    • Farage was spot on this morning when he said the greatest barriers to our opening our trade to the world were our ambassadors. Time for a clear out…

  2. I’m afraid in the dark shadows there are far too many of these look-a-likeys willing to throw spanners into the works when they see fit and regard it as their duty.

  3. A purge of Stalinesque proportions is required

  4. Yeah, Farage should have the job. Talk about setting the cat amongst the pigeons! If I were PM, I’d appoint Farage just to piss the EU off.

    Still, there’s another traitor identified.