He was such a good boy…


Yet another series of tributes are pouring in after the shooting by police on the M62 near Huddersfield. What the fuck is the matter with people?

Apparently, 28 year old Yasser Yaqub, was ‘gunned down by police marksmen’. He was ‘a loved man and a loyal friend. Nobody’s perfect but he didn’t deserve this’ and was ‘no angel but you were still one of the good guys’

Well bollocks to that. He wasn’t one of the good guys. Yaqub was put on trial in 2010 accused of attempting to murder two people in a drive-by shooting in 2009 but was acquitted when the case collapsed. One neighbour claimed that he was a drug dealer and they had put up CCTV after hearing gun fire next door.

Despite popular belief, we haven’t yet reached the point in this country where the police shoot people without good reason. If they opened fire, then I suspect they had good reason for doing so – especially as the officer concerned must have known that doing so would result in a populist pillorying by the press and social media.

But never mind – in the age of the griefjacker and black lives matter, it’s all the fault of the wicked police state who persecute innocent ethnic minorities just for the sake of it…

My favourite comment was ‘R.i.p yassa. such a shock, justice should be served’.

Frankly, I suspect it already has been…


15 responses to “He was such a good boy…

  1. Poor old Yasser, ah well how sad ,never mind .
    Always liked him in Boys from the Blackstuff.

  2. Spot on.

  3. The BBC call him, “Mr Yacub from Huddersfield”. Even they cannot disguise his foreign-sounding name (even though they’d like to).

    A good boy? More likely a gun-toting drug dealer – at last the police are overcoming their politically-motivated reluctance to act decisively and hopefully will continue to rid our streets of such people.

  4. Exactly , and any children in that mans house will be 100% safer now, I expect his wife is delighted to not be living with such a vicious thug! Happy New year Mrs Yaqub. What a good boy!

  5. Kill_Racism_Not_People

    I wish we could kill racism just as easy!

    • Strange tho’ that racism only seems to consist of white on black and not the other way around…

      • Didn’t you know, Dio, that only whites can be racist?

        In the same way that whites are guilty of “cultural appropriation” if they so much as look at a Mexican sombrero, no guilt or charges for any African sporting a Savile Row suit…

  6. Bri Stevenson Jnr

    😂😂👌👍 good stuff. Another idiot off the streets. Well done police.

  7. Drug dealing, nurdering , tax avoiding with new cars, British hating SCUM ….don’t RIP – I hope your demons have their fun with you!

  8. Get rid out the these blood sucking scums, what about all the life’s he’s must have affected by polluting the streets with his drugs and his want to be gangster attitude. Criminal activity funding terrorist, good riddance.

    Good job to the Huddersfield Police force.

  9. In many news items focusing on individuals, part of the background info usually includes the person’s occupation. In this instance it seems to be missing. Is this because Mr Yaqub did not have a job? Where did the money for the fast cars come from?

  10. Eunice Holmes

    Apparently, he was a ‘clerk’, evidently a very well paid one.

  11. Abdul K James

    A well known drug dealer around Yorkshire, who’s whole family was involved with he’s criminal activity. He was a shame on the community. Don’t call that a Muslim, he was a criminal. Gun for a gun, Well done to the officers.

  12. Someone’s guna get a bargain with that new Audi, bit of fairy liquid new windscreen and a strong air freshener to mask stench of Currys, I’d buy it wonder were it’ll end up that’s what I feel sorry for poor car!