Rick Parfitt


A guest post by Chas C

I was saddened on Christmas Eve to hear that Rick Parfitt had died. It didn’t come as a huge surprise as he’d been unwell for a while and wasn’t going to be performing with Quo any more.

I first came across the band before they were well known. I can’t remember the exact year but I had a car so I must have been 17 or 18 at the time which would put around 1968 or 1969? I was on a camping holiday in Cornwall with half a dozen mates. Quo were playing in the local pub in a room out the back. They were in their pre-heavy-rock psychedelic hippy phase.

I met Rick afterwards in the bar. He always liked a drink or two. I won’t say I knew him but I remember exchanging a few words over a pint. He struck me as a nice down to earth bloke.

I was into blues and rock at the time and was playing rhythm guitar in a band. People think it’s easy playing rhythm. Just strum a few chords and off you go. It’s not like that. You’re laying down the backbone of the song and you have to get it right. Rick got it right and he was bloody good at it!

A few years ago when I got back into music again and starting messing around with digital recording software, I recorded a song written by a band called the Tooting Frooties – “Rock and Roll Heart”. I my own version of it in the style of Quo. For the basic twelve bar backing, I sampled a Quo riff.

So here’s my tribute to Rick Parfitt. A song I recorded with me on lead and vocals and Rick on rhythm guitar. I’d like to think he’d have enjoyed it.


RIP Rick. One of the very best rhythm players!

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  1. Status Quo- or the band from ‘Chigley’ as they later become. As a young fella in the 70s I Iistened and enjoyed most of their music. As for their personal life: I’m sure they enjoyed themselves. Sleep well and long Mr P.