God and humanity

God help us! It’s Christmas. I regard it as a break in the year with time for some reflection but unfortunately my reflections often depress me badly. So this year I though I’d offload them so see if it makes me feel better…

The other night I started watching ‘Humans’ that I’d recorded earlier. It made me think about what exactly is a human being? As far as I could see, what sets us apart is self awareness – consciousness if you like. ‘Humans’ is upsetting because it introduces the concept of non human self awareness in machines; machines that we have created. It led me on to think about the Darwinian theory of evolution and that maybe we were put here merely to create the next stage of evolution – intelligent self aware machines that would ultimately succeed us on the ladder of evolution.

That set me to thinking about where we came from. Personally I think scientology is nonsense, but that doesn’t stop people believing in it. Of course, some people will believe in anything, even invisible pink unicorns, but that’s up to them and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else then where’s the harm in it? Scientologists believe in extraterrestrial beings, and they’re probably right that they exist although I question their interpretation.

So what about the ‘Botany Bay’ theory? Earth was an inhabitable planet so they dropped all their undesirables down here and left them to get on with it. UFOs are monitoring us to make sure we don’t escape. It would explain a lot about human nature like why we, as a species, behave so despicably towards the environment, animals and each other. We are, effectively, descendants of convicts – and not very nice ones at that. We don’t respect or value anything of importance.

Someone once said “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Personally I think that’s exactly what we did, but that’s just my opinion. I’m not an atheist as such. I believe there is something bigger than us and in an afterlife in some form or other, but not in a single superior God entity. To me it makes no sense.

A short time ago, a religious fanatic drove a truck into a Christmas market because he believed that anyone who didn’t believe in his version of God should be exterminated. The Nazis felt the same about the Jews. You can’t defend either of them, but it goes further. In Islam Shi’ites and Sunni moslems are killing each other. Same God, same church, different way of worshipping the same thing. The human mind is wonderful at inventing reason to kill people who disagree with you. I think they’re all at best deluded and at worst mad as hatters.

So there you have it, the Dioclese philosophy sermon for Christmas. If you’re a Christian and celebrating Christmas this week, good luck to you. You’re not hurting me and I’m happy to let you get on with it. Don’t ram it down my throat and don’t try to convert me. I’m not into missionaries and evangelists but if you are then that’s fine.

If you’re not a Christian then I say leave them alone to get on with it. Don’t try to kill them just because they’re different. You should leave them alone and they should leave you alone. Of course, it won’t happen because “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to find another reason to kill each other.”

Humans really are the most despicable species and if we don’t survive then we’ve really only ourselves to blame…

8 responses to “God and humanity

  1. I’m not a Christian, but then I’m not a Bhuddist, or Hindu either. i have no religion per se. If I had to have a religion it would be Libertarian. Do, as you would be done by, live and let live, Do no harm and cause no loss. Unfortunately an awful lot of people just can’t do that.

    Oh, and I won’t be offended if you celebrate Christmas. Right, where’s the beer!

  2. I am a little surprised that someone who I perceive as being a clear thinker would believe in something as absurd as an afterlife. My old car has failed its MOT. I have sent it to the breaker’s yard, seen all the useful bits stripped off it, watched it being crushed into a little cube and stacked onto a truck with lots of other little cubes. It is now on its way to being melted down and made into something else. For some strange reason I think that tomorrow I’m going for a drive in it. You get one life and one only.
    knowing this should be a great incentive to make the best of it, for yourself and your fellow travelers.

    Regarding theories about our origins. We share common ancestors with other primates, other mammals and with every living thing on this planet. There isn’t a single shred of doubt about this, our DNA proves it completely. If we were aliens dumped here by the galactic Judicial system, our genetic material would be entirely different to everything else.

    Regarding people killing each other because of religion. I think that this is uniquely so because they are arguing without evidence. Most disputes can be resolved, at least in principle, by claims and counter claims based on actual reality The disputants are aware of this and so they try to defeat their opponents with logic rather than violence. Religion, by its nature, is immune from rational discourse, violence is all that these disputants have. I find it interesting that those on the left of politics also have a tendency toward violence and censorship. Rather than arguing without evidence, they are arguing against the available evidence, evidence that their ideas always end in failure.

    At this time of year, the non religious celebrate the passing of the winter solstice. The nights get shorter and the days get longer from now on. Well for six months anyway.

    • Let me clarify. Afterlife : our consciousness came from somewhere and return from whence it came. Nothing more clear than that. Will I meet my late parents again? Of course not. Will I retain individuality? Probably not.

  3. As you know Mr D, I am an atheist and do not believe in afterlife. I can’t see how consciousness can be divorced from a living organic brain. You imply that evolution is in some way ‘directional’. I know I’m a pedantic bastard but this is a common misconception with regard to evolution. Evolution is a blind process and is not programmed to reach an ultimate purpose.

  4. Not quite right. Evolution is directed at enabling a specific organism to survive and reproduce in the environment that it finds itself in. This tends to lead to continuous improvement in the organism’s abilities to do so. What the process lacks is any kind of foresight, it cannot plan ahead.

  5. I’m a bit weird and for years, as a child, I tried to comprehend nothing after death, simply trying to imagine being switched off! I couldn’t do it, so came to the conclusion that as human beings we have fashioned the concept of an After Life because we are not smart/clever/evolved enough to accept anything else.
    I do believe in a higher being, but if we all knew the truth for certain (i.e. which Religion or Denomination was correct), I believe it would spell the end of civilisation. We need the strife to control us as a species.
    The day a human can physically leave our fish tank like solar system, will be the day I eat humble pie!