Happy bloody Christmas

Yet another religious fanatic has murdered a bunch of innocent people who don’t agree with his version of worshiping God, this time by driving a truck into a Berlin Christmas market.

This latest atrocity raises several questions, especially in relation to German immigration policy and free EU movement. Could it happen here? Well, the honest answer is not will it happen here but when will it happen here. I was listening to a security ‘expert’ on the TV this morning saying we were doing all we can to prevent a repeat in the UK but that it was inevitable that someone would slip through the net eventually. We seem to have conveniently forgotten the 7/7 attacks in London or even the IRA campaign all those years ago. It will happen again.

In Germany they have been quick to try and deflect attention by saying that attacks like this encourage the right wing who have been vocal in condemning Merkel’s open door immigration policy that has allowed over 1 million migrants – I’m reluctant to use the word refugees – into Germany in the last year. It was inevitable that IS sympathisers and other jihadists would take advantage of the policy and sneak in by hiding in plain sight.

But let’s think for a moment about being right wing. Is it right wing to encourage homophobia, racism and religious hatred? Yes of course it is – but it’s not right wing to be afraid of somebody trying to attack and kill you.

Merkel is up for re-election this coming year and she’s under pressure. Her open door policy is proving to be deeply unpopular. Even her supporters are condemning it and, let’s be honest, it’s been a disaster. You can’t blame ordinary Germans for turning against her because of it. At the same time let’s not start talking about the rise of right wing neo-Nazis in the wake of this attack because that’s just another incarnation of Project Fear and it won’t do Merkel any favours at the ballot box.

Here in the UK we’ve been opposed to free movement and lack of controls over immigration for years. It’s one of the major reasons for voting to leave the EU. Unfortunately, whilst Germany has these lunatics within their borders, there’s nothing to stop them coming her.

So is a similar attack inevitable in the UK? I’d say so. Thanks a lot, Frau Merkel…


2 responses to “Happy bloody Christmas

  1. Couldn’t agree more, this fat little bitch will never have to live in the fear other Germans will as a result of her virtue signalling. The German’s should throw her out and strip her of any state funded security afterwards. When she’s lying crippled under a 10 tonne lorry, she might start to regret her foolish decision. As for them coming here, let’s hurry up and get the f££k out of Europe as fast as we can. It’s a shame we can’t attach propellers to the East Coast and push ourselves further in to the Atlantic.

  2. Bernard from Bucks.

    They don’t have to come here from Europe.
    “They are within the gates”.
    The tube bombers were ‘home grown’, and all these new
    potential killers need is a ten ton truck.
    Keep well clear of towns within twenty miles of Bradford.