I’ve noticed just lately that there seems to be new disease afflicting the political classes in this country. It manifests itself as delusional beliefs mixed with a sense of overwhelming self importance and egomania.

Its been around quite a lot this year. I first noticed signs of it in Jeremy Corbyn who seemed to believe that he was able to command the respect of the Parliamentary Labour Party just by being, well, Jeremy Corbyn.

Then it raised its ugly head again in George Osborne. Despite making a complete hash of Project Fear in the Referendum campaign, he honestly believes that he got it all right about Brexit and when it falls down around our ears, he will come riding to the rescue and be our greatest Prime Minister since Churchill.

But for the prime example of Farronitis we need to look no further than the man after whom it is named, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron. The man shows extreme symptoms of delutional behaviour crossed with an ego the size of China.

A couple of weeks ago, he was crowing about how the Lib Dem resurgence was proven when they unseated a sitting Tory MP in the Richmond by-election. So deluded was he that he couldn’t even grasp the fact that there was no Tory candidate to defeat. They didn’t field one. Oh dear…

Then it happened again at Sleaford. Tim was further trumpeting the great resurgence after his candidate finished in third place. His logic? We beat Labour into fourth place which proves that the people of Sleaford don’t support Brexit. Which is odd because the vast majority in Sleaford voted in favour of it and he was beaten by UKIP. Seriously deluded…

And then there’s that Article 50 vote last Wednesday. The Lib Dems only have 9 MPs including himself, Clegg and their new girl. That’s three guaranteed votes. In all five voted with him against the government motion. But what about the rest? In the end, three of Farron’s other eight MPs – Norman Lamb, Greg Mulholland and John Pugh – abstained. So much for commanding leadership.

Mr Mulholland said: “I am not prepared to give the impression that I do not accept the result of the referendum, or that I am seeking to block it. The motion clearly stated that that the result of the referendum must be respected, so voting against it could be taken as not doing so.” Blimey! An MP who’s remembered that he’s supposed to represent voters? Whatever next!?!

Yep! Farronitis : the delusional belief that you are important despite all the facts pointing to the contrary…


4 responses to “Farronitis

  1. Every time I see his smug fizzog I want to punch it. Traitorous scumbag.

  2. I thought I disliked Clegg with a passion but this Farron has moved me to new heights.