Agreeing to disagree…

My regular reader may be aware that a fellow blogger disagreed with my views on the death of Castro and his legacy for the island of Cuba. Fair enough. I don’t mind if people disagree with me as long as we can agree that we disagree and carry on holding conflicting views without coming to blows.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible in this case. Having tried to convert me to his point of view on this blog, he decided to have another go over at his place. You can read all about it here and here.

Now I confess that he got under my skin and wound me up. Silly of me to rise to it, but when people repeatedly refuse to address my points because they regard me as an idiot, I tend to react a bit. Phrases like “Fuck me! You are scraping the barrel here” and “you have chosen to behave like a spoiled child when challenged” do little to improve my demeanour especially when the pot is calling the kettle black.

Some of you reading this might also know that I edit a blog called “…is a cunt“. If you don’t approve, then don’t read it. The clue is in the title. I was censured for this by a group I was invited to join called Martin Scribblerus. I exercised my right to leave because it’s not up to them to approve or disapprove of what I publish. We agreed to differ and went our own ways.

Apparently our friend thinks that this is because I had a “hissy fit” of which he doesn’t approve. Again we should be able to agree to differ, but no.

I’m entitled to my views just as each of you reading this is entitled to yours. What is not right is debasing the argument to personal insults and then accusing me of starting it! That’s the sort of behaviour you get in the playground, not in an adult debate. Even my 5 year old granddaughter knows better…


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  1. Very interesting. I read it all. When a first comment starts with you’ve lost the plot then you know you are in trouble. Hilarious how Longrider goes on to say you haven’t offended him because his skin is so thick and then goes on to take offense at pretty much everything you say.
    You tried to answer his points but he just dismisses or ignores what you say and repeats himself. Then he accuses you of being a hypocrite about free speech before banning you from his blog. Why can’t he see the irony in that?
    Agreeing to disagree is something he clearly doesn’t do. I can see you offered to do this more than once but back he comes again. The guy seems to have a big problem with people disagreeing with him. I’d keep clear if I were you. He sounds dangerous.

    • Hi Sam. Sorry about the first comment moderation but it keeps the trolls out. Any future comments should go straight through…

      It’s very sad when a fellow blogger you know well behaves like this and then turns the tables around and blames you. He did get pretty personal I thought?

      Strangely, here is this quote from his comments policy page : “I have better things to do with my time than waste it trying to reason with idiots who cannot construct a sensible argument.” so clearly he regards me as an idiot. He’s entitled to his opinion but, of course, we don’t have to agree with him and that’s something, as you quite rightly point out, that he doesn’t seem able to accept.

      He does ban people, incidentally, so his final comment about not having to do it for a long time doesn’t hold water. We’ve exchanged emails off blog over the months about who and how to ban – although to be fair that was in relation to a particularly nasty couple of trolls several of us have had problems with…

      But then, as he also says, “My decision on deletions and bans is final – there is no right of appeal” so we’ll have to agree to disagree once more I think?

      Thanks for your comment. Hope we’ll see you again…

  2. Oh boy! I didn’t realise this was still carrying on. As Sam the man says above, “When a first comment starts with you’ve lost the plot then you know you are in trouble.”
    Quite. Yet My Longrider feels that the insults started towards him? Go figure. Anyway, I stopped commenting on this subject when it became obvious that Mr L was trying to boil the argument down to one question to the exclusion of all context. One cannot argue that way. Everything in this world is relative yet he would not accept that because it would spoil his viewpoint.
    Heh, just visited the link to his blog that you put above and was amused to see this, written by Mr L himself in the comments/argument.
    ” Casualties of war are not the same thing as political murder. No matter how much people try to draw an equivalence.”
    They are exactly the same when the war itself was an illegal one, but hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story….

  3. I have always believed in free speech. We need to re-instate our right to free speech.
    In 2016, if someone disagrees with the pc line, “someone” will want to shut you up. Whatever has happened? False news (not our propaganda)? Toe the party line or shut up? Their only counter-argument seems to be to shut you up, close you down, delete.
    However, their tactic is not working now. I truly think that so many people are aware that any alternative view to the narrative favoured by – for want of better terms – the PTB or “Elites” is to be shut down, deleted, decried, that they actively seek that alternative opinion rather than the main stream news sources. The internet is a powerful tool which I hope will be used to it’s full potential.

    More power to your elbow Dioclese.

  4. I find it very strange that a blogger (at least a topical issues one) should ban commenters who disagree with them – the essence of free speech. I suppose the logical conclusion is that either people will stop commenting, in which case people will stop reading or the comments will reflect an echo chamber …in which case people will stop reading.
    I’m now going to have a little gripe (not directed at you, Dioclese). It’s annoying for a commenter who takes issue with an opinion written by a blogger and raises it in a comment but the blogger doesn’t respond! I’m thinking in particular of someone who writes about an issue that I really care about, and he keeps going off-message (IMHO). I’ve decided to take the view that he must have his reasons for not wanting to elucidate…
    I read Longrider’s blog and hope he doesn’t disappear so I hope that he has a bit of a think and decides that banning people isn’t a good thing.

    • It’s even more annoying when a commenter stops commenting because he’s not winning the argument – then goes away and carries on his tirade behind your back at his blog. Having said, you could say I just did the same with the piece above although there was a ping back on the link so he should have been alerted.
      Strangely tho’ I didn’t get a ping back when he quoted my original post, so I assume its not enabled?

  5. What happened to my comment??

  6. This is exactly the reason I stopped visiting that particular blogger, the confrontation was becoming ridiculous. I received emails and when I expressed the opinion that I don’t take other people’s word for a thing and prefer to remain objective until circumstances dictate otherwise. Which of course was the wrong tack to take. I thought I remained polite thanking for the “advice” but when my responses didn’t go the right way that’s when I simply stopped interacting. My life is too short to get involved in lengthy back and forward that is going nowhere. Like you I prefer to agree to disagree sadly some people are like a dog with a bone and just won’t let go.

    • I didn’t know that, Kath. He always struck me as an OK bloke and we corresponded a lot on eMail about dealing with trolls like Rickie and Patroller. Very friendly and helpful so I’m somewhat surprised how all this has gone to be honest.

      It was he who persuaded me to join the Martin Scriblerus group. I wasn’t really that interested but he talked me into it. When a number of them – not all – decided that ISAC wasn’t setting the right tone for a member of their little clique, he supported me. Strange now that he now accuses me of behaving badly towards them and throwing a ‘hissy fit’. As I recall, I simply quit. Bad on facts, bad on memory and from your experience and mine, totally intolerant of opposing views.

      It must be a terrible responsibility being right all the time. Glad I don’t have that problem πŸ˜‰

  7. ***** Update *****
    Longrider placed me into comment moderation to stop me commenting.
    Now he’s gone a stage further and blocked access so I can’t even read what he’s posting in his blog. Pathetic!
    I wonder what he’s writing that he doesn’t even want me to be able to read?

    Do I detect paranoia…?

  8. I can only agree with you. I spent enough years being told how to think and react, these days anyone trying to tell me I am wrong and not prepared to contemplate any other point of view is going to get short shrift from me. I don’t tolerate not being allowed my own view point. I am always open for a discussion and exchange of views abut when that exchange becomes bullying and personal I just won’t play ball. Especially with someone I don’t even know in my RL. πŸ˜‰ The reason I come here and ISAC still is because people share their views and debate without getting on their high horse and belittling other points of view. That to me is not Libertarian it’s suppression of freedom of speech. Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

    • ++++ Another update ++++
      Today I tried to be conciliatory. Longrider called me an ‘arsehole’ and said you and I behaved appallingly. Then he deleted my response which basically said ‘Pot kettle black. You just don’t get it do you?” He deleted that as well.

      I tried again and said ‘well, you deleted my last comment so I expect you’ll delete this one too” which, of course, he did.

      So now it’s time – in his words – to stop ‘trying to teach a pig to sing’. Apparently he’s expecting an apology before ‘forgiving me’. The arrogance is staggering. I might not be perfect but at least I admit it…

      An apology? For what? Disagreeing. I hope he’s holding his breath waiting. Sad. Really sad…

  9. Funny that as I never ever mentioned his name in any of my comments…. Ah well some people just have a chip on their shoulder and just are not worth the effort. I know my self well enough to know I can be wrong and I can be rude and offensive I was none of those, if I had been I would hold my hands up, unlike some! I told the truth, so Meh, like I care. I would leave well alone, you won’t ever get what you want from this when dealing with someone who thrives on confrontation.

    • It get’s better : he’s now removed everything either of us wrote on that particular thread. FFS! Now he doesn’t even want a record that someone had the bare faced cheek to disagree with him…