Zak’s sacked

Personally I'd have preferred the bloke in the white suit...

Personally I’d have preferred the bloke in the white suit…

Well, that was a monumental waste of time and tax payers’ money wasn’t it? I refer, of course, to yesterday’s Richmond Park bye-election…

Zac Goldsmith, not content with being beaten by Citizen Khan for mayor of London decided to take a stand over the expansion of Heathrow by resigning the Conservative whip and calling a bye-election where he stood as an independent. Now, fair enough – resign the whip, cross the floor and sit as an independent. You’ve made your point, why labour it (no pun intended). But no. Zac decides to be a plonker.

The Tories in the meantime play a blinder by not bothering to field a candidate against him – which backfires because the Limp Dumps win the seat. Enter the arch idiot Farron, crowing about how it’s a revival for his bunch of idiots because they’ve overturned a 23,000 Tory majority. But you haven’t, Tim me old son, because you can’t take votes away from a party that isn’t standing.

Our Zac was convinced that the good people of Richmond Park would support his principled stand and vote him back in but miscalculated because nobody in Richmond gives a toss about a third runway at Heathrow. As it happens the Limp Dump shares Zac’s view so the only choice was between two tossers, one of who was wasting their money by calling an unnecessary bye-election. Is it any wonder they voted him out?

So Mr Goldsmith is now consigned to the dustbin of political history, and good riddance. Personally, I think Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope would have been a better choice than either of them…


6 responses to “Zak’s sacked

  1. The BBC and Sky are spinning this as a victory for the Remoaners. As someone pointed out elsewhere, the ‘assumed Remoaner’ vote was lower than for the Referendum. Whatever, wealthy Liberal Left Richmond was and will always be pro EU, so hardly a worthwhile exercise to try to reasonably gauge current national sentiment. If anything, this will piss off people in the proven Brexit areas even more.

  2. The only money this monumental cretin wasted, was ours, now he’s made himself look like twat of the year, he should repay the costs. What a dickhead.

  3. Surely Zac Goldsmith can ask for a 2nd by election as he doesn’t like the result. Maybe his electorate didn’t understand what they were voting for.

    Just sayin’

  4. Dad, I fink I got it wrong again.