The Dioclese 2016 Christmas Song

So here it is – Merry Bloody Christmas Everybody – a really irritating song by Slade that’s been played every bloody year since 1973 given the the Chas C / Dioclese treatment

After all, it’s become traditional that we do this every year and we really wouldn’t want to let our public down, would we?



6 responses to “The Dioclese 2016 Christmas Song

  1. Nineteen Seventy fucking three. Jeezus H Christ.

    Always did hate this effing song.

  2. It’s very kind of you and all that, but I want to tear off my own head every time I hear that bloody song. Forty-three sodding years now …

  3. Worse than not wanting to hear it, is the highest degree of certainty of the assault.

  4. O shit! What can I say…..

  5. Er – I quite like the Slade version…

    Please don’t ban me…

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