The new ethnic minority

I was interested this week to read a report compiled by Processor Eric Cantle, a government advisor who has been studying the changes in the social and ethnic make up of our country. The results are alarming if not entirely surprising.

The conclusion is that this country’s white population is dwindling in relation to the predominantly Asian invasion of our shores.

In 1991 87% of England comprised indigenous Caucasians. In the last census, taken in 2011, this had shrunk to 75% and the good professor predicts that this will have accelerated geometrically by the time of the next census in 2021.

He points out that this is worst in urban areas. In the worst case – Newham in London – fewer than 16% of the population are white, down from 33% ten years ago.

Coupled to this worrying trend, another report highlighted the growth of what have been labelled ‘basement Sharia councils’ where panels of ‘learned’ muslims preside over legally unrecognised marriages and divorces and pass judgements on matters effecting muslim families.

The most worrying aspect of all this is the government’s purported attitude to this growing social problem. The muslim community says that when muslims come to the UK they conglomerate near mosques and tend to group together in close communities where they have strong religious and family ties. This is understandable.

What is not understandable is that the blame is put on white families for deserting these areas when the Asians move in. It is being suggested that the whites are being racist and intolerant and that they should make an effort to deliberately move into areas where they would be regarded as outsiders.

Of course, when whites look down on non whites in a community, they are labelled racists and bigots. When it’s the other way round then it’s the whites not making an effort to accept foreigners.

The country really is going down a politically correct toilet, isn’t it?


5 responses to “The new ethnic minority

  1. It’s already gone round the (U) bend. But then so has most of the rest of Europe, with the notable exceptions of Switzerland & Hungary among others, where reason, common sense and (true) compassion are still prevalent.

  2. We lived in an Asian area for 18 months, we were not welcome, we were not spoken to and some shops refused to serve us because we were not Muslim. When the sheikh temple next next door moved the old building became another Mosque. there were already 5 in the same area. One of the local churches received government money to build a new community centre , within weeks the Muslims had moved in and taken over and the Christian congregation could get no use of the centre at all. However I have to add that the Eastern European shops and people were just as bad, and they were drunk ! We moved not long after and now they are spreading out towards where we moved to, every house up for sale or rent in the area is taken by Muslims, Asians or Caribbeans or poles. We can’t afford to move again just yet, but looks like it won’t be long before we need to consider it.
    The filth in the street has increased exponentially as has parking on the pavement so pedestrians can’t use the pavement (on a busy 4 lane main road that is never quite that’s not easy for walkers, let alone pushchairs Or wheelchairs. Is it any surprise we move away. My Husband had a row with an Asian cab driver the other day, our regular cab firm we have never had a problem with (even though they employ many foreign drivers) we were waiting for our cab, when a taxi pulled up and beeped his horn, normally the Drivers get out and call the name of the fare, this driver did not so no one knew who’s cab it was. He then yelled at my hubby OI YOU not a good move , we weren’t even his fare it was a little old lady in front of us. We helped the lady with her shopping as the driver did not even assist her, and my husband said “your very rude, the way you just behaved maybe acceptable where you come from but IN ENGLAND you don’t behave that way, you are very lucky I looked at you because I don’t answer to OI YOU!” the bloke looked a bit scared and said nothing, well he wouldn’t my husband was talking with his heavy Scots accent and wearing a kilt ! Wise man he clearly didn’t want to die that day!
    The little old lady looked up at hubby and said, “thank you so much “

  3. Sadly, tis true, the country is fucked except for armed revolution. I’m an Englishman in exile, never likely to return.

  4. ‘learned’ muslims

    Surely an oxymoron?

  5. So sad but true, they are called the eithnic minority but really it has become the whites in this country are the eithnic minority,everyone knows it but if it was said, then that old card racist would once again appear….