Trucking idiots!

Last week a lorry driver caught on a dashboard camera causing a motorway pile-up while using his phone was jailed for eight months. Razvan Rusu, 30, is seen only occasionally glancing at the road in part of the footage released by police, before smashing into a van near junction 2 of the M1 in north-west London in March last year.

On Monday, Tomasz Kroker who killed a woman and three children by ploughing into their stationary car while scrolling through music on his mobile phone was jailed for 10 years.

What is it with these people? At 60mph a vehicle travels around 30yds in a second so if you’re fucking around with your phone, it’s easy to plough into the back of another vehicle before you even see it’s there. Like many things it’s illegal to use a phone while driving, but drivers in general – and not just truckers – do it all the time.

It’s a potentially fatal digital disease that doesn’t just kill the user but innocent bystanders too and yet drivers just say ‘Bollocks to it!’ and carry on anyway.

Earlier this week, a national newspaper set up a camera on the M20 and snapped 17 truckers illegally using their phones within the space of 90 minutes. Take a look at the one above. He’s not even got his hands on the wheel!

The annoying thing is that it’s easy to stop. Just put a hands free phone in every cab. Make the truck companies do it – but the problem is that that even if we enforced this in the UK, most of the truckers the papers caught on camera, as well as the two jailed this week, are foreigners.

Frankly, it’s about time the police took this more seriously and set about nicking these idiots before even more people get killed. At the end of the day it’s a damned site more important than stopping cars for speeding and let’s remember that trucks are governed to a maximum 60mph anyway.

The first line of the police oath is “protection of life” and frankly, they’re failing to do it…


3 responses to “Trucking idiots!

  1. Have you ever read Cell by Stephen King? That book says it all really!

  2. This was covered in a manner of speaking some years back by Sean Gabb. We have far too much law that is unenforceable. Better to repeal it. In the event of a collision and conviction such as the trucker this week – prosecute under the Offences Against the Persons Act, or manslaughter, whichever is appropriate. The penalties are that much higher. Policing multitudes of laws won’t change things. The threat of serious gaol time if it all goes wrong might.

    The police simply do not have the resources to travel the roads trying to catch truckers using their phones. There are practical difficulties too – the cab is much higher than a police car, so Plod needs trucks to catch them in the act.

  3. It isn’t just drivers and truckers, when cycling I have often had to take evasive action to avoid cyclists and pedestrians who are not looking where they are going because they are looking at their phones.