Child refugees



4 responses to “Child refugees

  1. I’ll tell you what they are NOT. They are NOT refugees. They ceased to be refugees the moment they left the first country of refuge, be that Greece or Turkey or Italy. Thereafter they are economic migrants or to be more accurate “Gimmegrants”

    • I totally agree but the propaganda machine keeps tagging them as ‘child refugees’.
      Personally I prefer ‘potential jihadi terrorist’…

  2. I blame the parents.

  3. Many of them, adult blokes pretending to be kids to one side, are sent on journeys paid for by relatives in the hope that when said real child has pity taken on them and given a nice cushy billet, then said parents/relatives come out of the woodwork and want to be reunited with said child in new cushy billet. Personally I would just send the child back to the thieving scum.