French nazis…


Once in a while somebody comes out with some load of old bollocks that really gets my piss boiling. I mean REALLY gets it boiling. It doesn’t happen as often as you’d think, but it did yesterday. “So what was it?” I hear you asking…

Well,it’s this : There’s this idiot called Clare Moseley. 45 year old Clare is an accountant who lives with her husband Benjamin in a five-bed detached pad worth £700,000 in the Wirral. Very nice too. Clare reckons that you can compare the French treatment of ‘migrants’ in the Calais jungle camp to the way the Nazis treated the Jews during WWII.

She said: “I would not want to trivialise what happened to the Jews because it was so awful, but there are parallels that can be drawn. The way the French people treat the refugees sometimes can feel very much like cattle, it can feel very dehumanising.”

Well, we’ll ignore the fact that our Clare wasn’t even born until 26 years after the war ended and is therefore quite clearly an expert on the nazis. She’s just talking bollocks and has since been forced to publish an apology on her charity’s website Care4Calais.

Here’s David Davies’ comment : “These comments are just outrageous. The French want them out of that disgusting camp and into clean, safe homes. It’s an insult to those who died during the Holocaust and the socialist French government, which is about as far from the Nazis as it’s possible to be.” Spot on David.

Sir Bill Cash MP said: “Some of these refugees have fled truly awful situations, but the French have treated them with compassion. There are real issues to discuss here but ridiculous comments like these only distract from them.”

And the Jewish reaction? Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said: “This comparison demonstrates astonishing ignorance as well as grotesque inhumanity. Mrs Moseley is clearly a very stupid woman who thinks she is being clever. The Holocaust was one of the greatest evils in human history. Whatever one’s view of the Jungle, its occupants are merely uncomfortable.”

This is the same stupid woman who outraged lorry drivers earlier this year by saying that if they didn’t like driving their lorries through Calais and being attacked by migrants then they should “find another job”.

So here’s a question for you Clare : If you’re so passionate about bringing these people to the UK how many have you offered to house in your cosy five bedroom house? None, I’ll bet. And I gather you now claim to live in a bed sit in Calais. How many are you sharing that with. Oh, none again I’ll bet.

Stupid, ignorant, sanctimonious, patronising, self-righteous, hypocritical gobshites like this get right up my hooter…


10 responses to “French nazis…

  1. The woman is clearly a fucking moron ..end of.

  2. “how many have you offered to house in your cosy five bedroom house?” or something akin to should INSTANTLY be asked to any virtue signalling mug spouting any of the this type of bollocks. Their “virtues” are only worth it when they have to do or pay very little themselves!

  3. I’ve got just the poster for her.

    Laugh? I nearly died 🙂

    • And, she is offended! Offended, I tell you. Dreadful. Whatever happened to dark humour? Clearly someone still has it… These days though, people are queuing up to be offended when it rears its head.

  4. These charity people are making things worse not better. Handing out stuff to these migrants just encourages them and more to join them. Clare Mosely, we don’t want any of these uncivilised barbarians in the UK.

  5. Pissed off immigrant to Cornwall

    The fact is we have a responsibility to “refugees” – go on, look up the real definition – who are fleeing imminent danger in their own country from their own government or lack of it.
    With the best will in the world, living in a crappy place – France…..oh all right then, the Jungle’ camp is not imminently life- threatening. It is not likely to kill you (depending on what you think of French cuisine) and having reached safe haven in another country, that is the end of your journey.
    Stop running, accept the French hospitality and rebuild your lifves. France is ten times the size of the UK and has far, far fewer people per hectare.
    Is the Uk really expected to be taking in “refugees” until we’ve built on the last blade of grass?

  6. Yeah, ‘cos the French are sending them in cattle trucks to showers of Zyklon B. Oh, they aren’t? Moron!

  7. Isn’t it likely that much of the resistance that Brits have toward taking in more “refugees” is caused by their prior experience of the followers of Islam?