The clown or the crook?

With just a few weeks to go until the almighty US of A selects its new President, I’m forced to ask how, in a huge country like the States, these two cunts were the best they could come up with…

Neither candidate is, as far I can see, even remotely suited to occupy the position of arguably the most powerful person on the planet. On one hand you have a New York bruiser and on the other a patronising smug faced bitch.

Trump seems to have based his entire campaign on appealing to the working class voter. His approach seems to be that he wants them to believe that low paid illegal immigrants are taking the food from their babies’ mouth. Elect him and he’ll put a stop to it. He’s the champion of the downtrodden poor American. Pretty rich coming from a billionaire!

Then there’s Killary who, by all accounts is a nasty piece of work! I had to laugh the other day when as a result of the unrelenting media persecution of Trump, someone described CNN as the Clinton News Network. That about sums it up.

Clinton has thrown the kitchen sink at Trump. The women who have suddenly crawled out of the woodwork have been fascinating. The wife of a President who used his position to shove his cigar up a White House intern’s fanny should learn to put her own house in order first. Convenient isn’t it how these women waited all these years before speaking out?

The stage management has been interesting too. I loved that in their third and final debate Clinton dressed in white. Pure Hollywod western stuff – bad guy in the black hat, good guy in the white hat. Pathetic!

I despair of Britisn politics sometimes, but I’m glad that we don’t have to put up with protracted bullshit of the American system and I sincerely we never will.

So if I was a betting man who would I put my money on. Well, on balance I think Trump will get it. I think there’s a lot of people out there who won’t admit they support him but who will put their cross on his box on the day – if only because they’re sick to death of the establishment and think he’ll do something to shake it up. Plus they don’t want a woman President from yet another political dynasty!

But Trump should remember what happened to JFK when he tried to stir things up …


4 responses to “The clown or the crook?

  1. In view of your final paragraph, perhaps it would be better if the evil bitch got in, and a latter day Lee Harvey appeared…

  2. She is a really nasty criminal and if she was not running for president she would be behaved bars, the only reason she isn’t is because she has paid her way out of it.
    I have also noticed over the months she is beginning to look more and more bitter and crazy, there are some photos of her where she looks truly insane. I have to confess I find Clinton far more worrisome than Trump, and there is a sentence I never thought I’d have to say! But at least Trump isn’t into persecuting Russia and pushing them into a war. I am very glad I am not an American. Christ confronted with these two what the hell do you do! The world has gone to hell in a hand basket and the US election is a prime example of the corruption on world politics, you buy your way to president. It’s all about who has the most bucks not who is most able because neither of these two are able, nor are they worthy. And if Clinton gets it, expect far more wars coming to a country near you soon as the woman is a megalomaniac.

    • “And if Clinton gets it, expect far more wars coming to a country near you soon as the woman is a megalomaniac.”

      Very prescient.

      That mad bitch Clinton will drag us all into hell with her.

    • Sadly for us a hot war with Russia will be conducted in Europe.