93 Men in a Boat [66] – The Jolly Waiter

happy-nerd1There’s nothing quite like a jolly waiter to enhance your enjoyment at meal time. We’ve had a good few over the years and as well tend to sail quite often with the same company, we’ve gotten to know a lot of them well.

The food’s rather good as a rule. We place our order. “Excellent choice” comes the rejoinder. In fact it turns out none of us is capable of making any choice that is anything less than excellent. This goes on for several days at every meal. Time for some fun!

“Tonight I would like the most excellent starter, the excellent soup followed by some excellent lamb and excellent roasted potatoes!” His stride is not broken : “Excellent choice!” he booms.

Well, I’m not that easily defeated. The chef says he’s open to special dietary requirements so next evening I request rat burger in a stale bun topped with seagull droppings. “Brown or black rat?” he enquires. “Oh definitely the brown” I reply and guess what? “Excellent choice, sir!”

Oh well. There’s only one thing for it. “And another large glass of your excellent sauvignon please…”


7 responses to “93 Men in a Boat [66] – The Jolly Waiter

  1. What’s a “rat bugger”
    Is it someone who buggers rats ?

  2. HAHA, He added an extra G and missed the “R” – excellent choice!!

    • Indeed. A most excellent choice!
      Just did it to see if anyone was awake out there…

      • Oh yes mate, wide awake. Still if you’re going to make a typo, that one was quite amusing 🙂

    • Problem was I wrote while I was away using a Kindle Fire. Not the biggest screen in the world and a damned fiddly touch keyboard. And it has this irritating habit of autospelling as you type. I’d turn it off if I could because frankly the predictive spelling is a pain in the neck. Best proof read the other stuff…!

  3. To be honest, I can’t spell due to a particularly poor start in the education system. Sadly my alma mater, Tipton Sec Mod, mysteriously burnt down the day after I left. That’ll teachicate ya. Anyway, the occasional typo is to be expected in the blogging medium as we don’t have the time to spend endless hours proofreading our sage wisdom and shit. As long as the readers get the message……. That said, it can be distracting if the piece is ‘well larded’ with typos and grammatical errors. Burger nuts.