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As you will have guessed by now, I’ve been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been in the Med looking for little rubber boats to sink off the coast of Sicily. To be honest I saw no sign of any so we sailed north round Sardinia, across to Minorca, Gibraltar and ended up in Madeira. Europe is now well and truly behind us and we’re home again.

We missed the excitement of UKIP meps battering each other, the incompetence of the Labour leadership election and the Tory conference. All of this was rather nice to be honest…

So this week’s excitement would appear to be Theresa May’s first full EU council meeting as Prime Minister on the 20th. This should prove interesting on a number of fronts. Firstly the Merkels and Junckers of this world really don’t seem to have grasped that we’re leaving. Merkel seems convinced she can force us to accept free movement – on which point she seems clearly deluded – whereas Juncker seems to have totally lost interest in the whole business.

Meanwhile Donald Tusk is telling us that the only alternative to ‘hard Brexit’ is ‘no Brexit’ so he can go and get stuffed for a start. And the EU grandees seem to be asking what May is doing to persuade the UK to change its mind. The answer to this is, of course, fuck all! What planet are these people on?

And then back home we have Nick Clegg saying he’ll do everything he can to subvert the will of the lectorate by using his little rump (pun intended) in Parliament to prevent us leaving. He doesn’t seem to have got the message that he got decimated at the last election because people realised that the Limp Dumps really don’t have any workable policies, so why the hell does he think anyone gives a toss what he thinks now?

Then there’s the mistaken premise that the Fourth reich can treat May like Cameron and that she’ll just sit there and suck it all up. You would have thought by now they’d have realised this is a different animal.

They seem to think that if they procrastinate long enough then we’ll back down. Maybe they can even force a second referendum? After all, it’s worked before. Just keep stalling long enough until you wear down the opposition…

May needs to use this meeting to set them straight. Do a Thatcher and give the buggers a damn good handbagging! I’ve often asked where Maggie was when we need her. Well maybe this week we’ll find out.

I sincerely hope so…


6 responses to “Get the message!

  1. Clegg’s actions are treason. No two ways about it, and the same goes for any other MP who thinks he or she can stick two fingers up at 17.4 million people. If they want to shatter the convenant between People and Parliament then our democracy will be broken irrevocably. At the moment they choose to disregard the will of the people is the moment at which the people can disregard Parliament (which means defying all laws). They seem to be unaware that the People hold sovereignty, and that it is leant to Parliament for 5 years (and its not for them to give away either). At the end of 5 years we either re-elect the government or deselect it and give another party the opportunity to form a government. What really grips my shit here is these fucking pipsqueaks are only now trying to assert what they call parliamentary sovereignty when the treasonous bastards have been quite happy to live under EU laws or the last 40 years without even a suggestion of scrutiny. Cunts

    Personally I’d treat traitors in the time honoured fashion. They should be Hung, drawn and quartered. The head removed for the spike on London Bridge (pour encourager les autres) and the body hacked into quarters and fed to the dogs. It’s a nasty, incredibly painful and humiliating death, but it is nothing less than they deserve.

  2. Welcome back to the madhouse and lala island that is the UK now.

  3. Skidmark Eggfart

    link to a petition to make supporting the EU or postponing Brexit treason: