Get stuffed Schultz…!

So President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, says that Jo Cox was murdered as a direct result of the EU Referendum campaign.

Now is it just me that finds that plain insulting coming from a unelected official who lords it over the MEPs that we elected? Is it just me that finds it surprising that his comments were made during a lecture he was giving to the London School of Economics about Brexit?

This came as Mr Schulz also said that Britain will, under no circumstances, be able to secure a deal that allows the country to retain access to the single market without accepting free movement.

Well, Herr Schitz, you have no right to come to our country and pontificate to us about how we were responsible for the death of one of our MPs because the plain and simple fact is that Jo Cox was brutally murdered by a right wing neo nazi nut case. Linking a fruitcake like that to the cause of EU federalism is precisely the sort of thing that led us to vote Leave in the first place.

And as regards the single market, grasp this principle : You don’t have to be part of the single European market in order to trade with it so get your facts straight. The USA and China trade quite satisfactorily with the EU and they’re not in the single market so what’s the difference?

He added that the UK needs a united EU to achieve a good Brexit deal and that a disunited EU stance on Brexit could mean that there is “no agreement between the EU and Britain”. Well, wrong again Herr Schitz! We don’t need your agreement to leave your club. When we’re out, we’re out and if you want to stick your head up your arse and deny the simple fact you sell us a damn site more than we sell you, that’s absolutely fine by us. It’s your problem.

You can bang on about free movement as much as you like, but we’re not having it. The British people are sick and tired of having their island swamped by uncontrolled immigration brought about by the policies of the EU. If Europeans want to come here and work, that’s fine. Get a visa like the rest of the world has to.

And at least then we can refuse to give you one and you can fuck off back where you came from because, frankly, we’re no longer interested in your opinion…


9 responses to “Get stuffed Schultz…!

  1. It’s really, really simple. Repeal the European Communities Act, invoke A50 and leave. No deals, no nothing. We simply declare that we are open to trade with no tariffs and that we will grant tax incentives to organisations that wish to base themselves here. Individual companies may trade within the EU if they so wish and will have to abide by EU rules. Those that trade domestically don’t need to, thus relieving them of the current burden.

    We don’t need the EU, we certainly don’t need their permission for anything.

  2. Who cares why she was bumped off. I don’t. I’m actually surprised that she is the only one so far.

    Nutter doesn’t like her policies, who does?, decides that he is powerless and nobody can change what politicians are doing to our country in our name and decides he will do the only thing available to him.

    I’m actually curious about why this has disappeared off the media after Brexit and being used as EU propoganda. What is being hidden as something is being hidden by our world class MSM and politicians.

    • Perhaps the British media are (conveniently) silent due to the usual limitations on media comment where a trial is imminent. “Convenient” because when it is established beyond any doubt that the public executioner for the Leave campaign is simply a pathetic psychopath, it’ll be difficult (although the Remoaners and the media will keep at it) to continue alleging a Brexiteer plot to silence St Jo.

  3. “because, frankly, we’re no longer interested in your opinion…”

    Actually, I was never interested in his opinion in the first place. Fucking jumped up Kraut twat!

  4. Hear, hear!

  5. If he hasn’t yet made an apperance on ISAC it’s well overdue.

  6. Perhaps Mr. Schulz might care to look at his own back yard. Nine people killed and 21 injured because a dual nationality chappie decided he wanted to be a big wallah with ISIS.

    Then there’s the Syrian chap who decided to take out his ex and wound another, presumably on account of family honour, or some such shite.

    However none of them were politicians, so they don’t count to Mr. S.

    Effing hypocrite.