Treason and betrayal

Yesterday saw a new low in the politics of the United Kingdom – a low not seen since the English civil war and bordering on a good reason why there might well be a second civil war!

In June, there was a referendum. You might remember it? The people gave a clear indication that they wanted to leave the European Union. To give the departed Mr Cameron his due, he delivered on his promise to let us have a say in our future. The House of Commons passed a bill that authorised the referendum. Parliament had it’s say and the elected house decided to let us vote.

Yesterday the House of Lords decided that that decision should be set aside. They decided that our PM – who you will remember has a clear mandate – should not be allowed to invoke article 50 without a vote in the Commons. They also decided that when the negotiations are concluded on the terms of exit, the Commons should have another vote. In their words, to do otherwise would be ‘constitutionally unacceptable’.

Well, I’ll tell you what is constitutionally unacceptable – and that is having an unelected bunch of cunts telling the elected government that it cannot leave an undemocratic organisation run by more unelected cunts in defiance of the will of the people clearly expressed in a referendum which was authorised by a vote from a bunch of cunts that were actually elected.

The Lords are quick to point out that the referendum result is merely ‘advisory’ but fail to recognise that the decisions of the Lords are advisory as well. The PM is free to ignore their advise and as a last resort can invoke the Parliament Act to overrule them.

This is treachery and treason on a grand scale. If ever there was an example of democracy being ignored, this is it. If ever there was a better justification for abolishing the Lords then I’m reaching to thinking of it.

Shame on them! Heads on poles on Westminster Bridge is a picture that comes to mind…


6 responses to “Treason and betrayal

  1. MPs and Parliament are meant to work on our behalf. We try to select the least-bad option once every five years, then we are expected to trust them to make decisions for us.

    This time we have had a referendum. No matter that it can be considered advisory; it’s like your employer “suggesting” that you really want to work in a particular way; just a polite way of telling you what to do.

    We’ve politely told the MPs that they are to extract us from the grasp of Brussels. They might also be given advice from the House of Lords, which is merely the equivalent of a colleague helping you out. Instruction from the boss trumps that, every time.

  2. Well i’d say I saw that coming, they are all so desperate to keep their golden goose . Although I bet the millennials and their ilk are rubbing their hands in delight Eddie Izard probably had an orgasm, and the people who voted Brexit won’t organise a march to protest that the will of the people is being ignored! Because most of them have jobs and family’s to worry about and can’t just bunk a day sick from uni. Brexiters have no desire to get arrested by plod for being a right wing extremest fascists and then having their children seized by social services and losing their jobs for being on the pissing BBC news at 9 (or whenever the hell they show it now). Effectively destroying their whole lives, whilst the remainders and the champagne socialist (There is a special place in hell for ToeKnee Blurgh) say well we told you what would happen if you went against the communist Marxist imitative!

    • It won’t happen. The Lords can bitch all they like, and can bitch about it till the cows come home. May has categorically stated that a vote is not needed from either house. I think even she recognises that the will of the British People in what was the largest political mandate in British history cannot be ignored. If she were to renege on this the tory party would be toast come the next election, and I could see a very large chunk of what was the old working class Labour vote going to UKIP. She won’t risk it. Remember, Power is the most important thing and they never let go of it lightly.

  3. @Kath…

    “…Eddie Izard probably had an orgasm…” – or a wee, perhaps; because Izard doesn’t usually know if he’s coming or going.

    OK I’ll get my coat.

  4. Of course I don’t consider the upper house to be proper Lords. After His Toniness the Blah removed the hereditary peers who saw themselves as reviewers of legislation we got the “new wave” tony’s conies who see themselves as a government in exile and will not let an opportunity pass to tread on the proles. Too many are bought and paid for EUSSR Inner Party members who are reacting to the Referendum in that instinctive manner of the EUSSR. The public have voted the “wrong” way and must hold the Referendum again and again until they give the correct and Binding for all Time answer.