So the Fourth Reich is threatening to get snotty with us over Brexit and free movement by imposing visa requirements for UK citizens entering the European Schengen zone. Well, so what?

My regular reader will know that I travel quite a lot. My passport is full of bloody visas! There’s Russian visas, Tanzanian visas and all sorts of Bongo Bongo Land visas that you have to get in advance. They’re a pain.

Then there’s the ones you get on arrival. South Africa, New Zealand, Ausfralia, Japan and dozens of others. Some cost a few quid and some come free. They’re easy. Smile nicely at the nice man on the Zimbabwe border, hand over your dosh, watch it vanish into his back pocket, and you’re in!

And of course there’s those sort of reverse visas – the departure taxes you pay at the airport so they’ll let you leave. At the end of the day, they’re all taxes…

The Reich are proposing a US style ESTA system. You go on line, fill in your details and effectively advance notify them that you’re coming. They’re relatively cheap and easy. No big deal.

So if the EU want the UK to do that, then as I said, so what?

After all, if they make us do that then we’ll do the same to them – all of which puts all their bullshit about free movement into perspective doesn’t it?…


3 responses to “Visas

  1. Yup. Big fat hairy so what? I await the introduction of international driving licenses before driving over there. Done that, too. Not a problem.

  2. Is anyone trying to say this is punishment for the Brexit vote (sorry, been busy)? If so it’s nonsense because it was first proposed in 2008.