93 Men in a Boat [65] : Mr Ironed and Pressed

29977_137398_itemlargeNaturally one tends to indulge oneself with a nicer class of cruise ship. None of those 3,000 berth monstrosities pour moi! And one meets a so much nicer class of people…

So there we are, sat in the lounge at our berth in Nassau (where else?) when up comes Mr Ironed and Pressed. We’ve seen him a few times over the past week. Never the same outfit twice, never a crease in his trousers or shirt, his hair immaculately combed and glued into place. I’m sure this is the sharp dressed man that ZZ Top had in mind when they wrote that song. Not, of course, that he’d ever have heard of it being a classical music and opera fan himself.

Now my good lady is a bit of a stickler when it comes to ironing. I’ll never understand why she irons my socks and underpants. It seems so unnecessary. But I’ll bet Mrs Ironed and Pressed does his too. And his pyjamas. It must be a hell of a chore being so perfect all the time!

Ironically, we don’t see his wife that often. I suspect she’s in their cabin chained to the ironing board?

She’s also the scruffiest bugger I’ve seen for a long time. Oh dear…!


3 responses to “93 Men in a Boat [65] : Mr Ironed and Pressed

  1. I have said before, on this site, that I served for 11 years on 5/6* cruise liners when I left the Royal Navy. Everyone of your posts -93 Men in a Boat – conjurs up memories of these people. I used to abhor Captains night, when I was hosting a table. You never knew what you would get round the table, and unlike yourselves, I had to be ultra polite!

  2. Captain’s night??? – I wouldn’t pay the huge cost of a cruise and then settle for veating with the crew, FFS… 😉

  3. *eating – not ‘veating’ – damn fat fingers!