Virgins on trains


I don’t think my low opinion of Jeremy Corbyn will come as any surprise to my regular reader but frankly even though I think the man is a total arsehole today’s debacle on Virgin Trains shows a level of ineptitude that was staggering even by his standards!

Seems our Jezza was filming himself on a Virgin train to Nottingham where he couldn’t get a seat in order to make a case for renationaling the railways. There wasn’t a seat to be had – except for all the ones he was filmed walking past on the train’s CCTV cameras and the ones he and his entourage settled into after he’d made his video…

Now we all know that politicians are bloody liars, but we do expect them to show a little more professionalism about it.

But the piece de resistance was the quote from one of his ‘supporters’ who tried to tell us that the seats were actually occupied by children who were too small to be seen on the video!



8 responses to “Virgins on trains

  1. Children are very small, there’s no doubt. But almost all of them have more brain cells than Corbynites. Fact!

  2. They used to throw Hobos off trains

  3. Amateurs indeed. What really sticks in the craw is the f*cking condescending attitude they have towards ordinary people – as if we go around in a daze or something. Who the f*ck are they trying to kid. Children in the seats – oh come on for fu*ks sake.


  4. Actually this story is another MSM stitch-up. The place was jam-packed – the pics of empty seats were in the food bar.

    Watch out for this biased business – even Private Eye has it in for him, I think.

  5. Are we supposed to believe that his secretary didn’t reserve him a seat when the ticket was booked?

  6. If the empty seats were in the food bar then why did Corbyn’s publicity machine not just say so? Why the daft story about the seats being occupied by children?

    • Doesn’t matter where they are, he could have used them. Better still, a competent team would have reserved seating. So, not only a liar, incompetent, too. The Corbyista make the tinfoil hat brigade look almost sensible and sane.