Cultural sensitivity

Oh dear! According to Liz Truss, we need to take action in our prisons to increase awareness of cultural diversity and therefore help to reduce radicalisation of potential Islamic terrorists.

Bollocks, Liz! We don’t need training courses. We need an action plan! Here’s what going on in our prisons :

“Extremists are aggressively attempting to encourage other inmates to convert to Islam” so the simple answer is to keep them in solitary – except we’re not allowed to do that because it violates their human rights!

“Friday prayers were left unsupervised and staff pressurised to leave” WTF! Who is in charge in these places? The staff should just tell them to fuck the fuck off!

“Literature in chaplaincy libraries promoted extremism” so police the fucking libraries! How difficult is that exactly?

“The intimidation of prison imams and attempts to exploit staff fears of being labelled racist” Again, who the fuck is in charge here?

And since you clearly don’t have a plan, Liz, here’s mine for sorting out this shower of shit:

(1) Stick all the rotten eggs in one basket, dress them up in Guantanemo style hi-vis suits, and put armed guards in the towers with machine guns in case they decide to try and escape. If they do then shoot the cunts. If they riot, seal the doors and let them wallow in their own shit. If they hunger strike, let them starve.

(2) Stick bastards like Choudary in solitary and if the Human Rights twats object, tell them to sod off. Better still, repeal the European Charter of Human Rights. We’re leaving the EU anyway, so who cares if they don’t like it?

(3) Bring back hanging for the offence of treason. That should thin the buggers down a bit!

(4) No actions should be unsupervised, literature should be policed, gatherings of more than two forbidden, and charges of racism or religious discrimination by prison staff dismissed out of hand. Any assault on a prison warder, five years added to the sentence automatically.

(5) Ban prayer meetings. Let them worship God in their cells on their own. God won’t care. In fact God probably doesn’t give a toss about this lot anyway. I know I don’t.

There. Sorted. Rant over…


7 responses to “Cultural sensitivity

  1. I’m 66. I’m happy with the culture into which I was born and grew up and subsequently grew old. Actually, I have very little interest in anyone else’s culture – as long as it doesn’t interfere with me or my culture.

    Why the f. should I?
    Why the f. should I value diversity?
    Why the f. should I be ‘sensitive’ to other cultures? – Especially those ‘cultures’ whose main tenets appear to be based on suppressing and supplanting my culture.

    I see no reason to adapt, or to learn about other traditions and characteristics. If they wish to live according to those cultures, then stay where those cultures are the norm.

    Stay the f. out of my culture and my life. And that goes for the precious snowflakes in Westminster, too.

  2. Although I wholeheartedly think your plan is just what we need I would imagine Liz Truss would have a touch of the vapours if she set eyes on it. Shame really.

  3. Is “Liz Truss” in fact one of David Icke’s lizards hiding in plain view (trussed up of course)?

  4. What a load of old fanny, sorry for the unladylike words but really is this Liz Truss a joker?
    Especially since I gather that Frau Merkel is bringing in secret flights to small unused regional airports in Germany of Syrian and Turkish immigrants, and has ordered a press black out. Apparently airports that may have 3 flights a week are now receiving 200 flights A DAY filled with these people.
    Why should we change our ways to suit them, they don’t change their ways to suit us. No they carry on raping murdering and stealing,, the only difference is we don’t chop their fucking hands off. No wonder they all want to come here. Cultural sensitivity my arse.

  5. I’m with Ted on this one. You want to live here, then you abide by the rules of my culture and if you don’t like it then I suggest you F*ck right Off

    Stick yer diversity where the sun don’t shine.

  6. Frankly I think we all seem to be agreeing that Liz Truss is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. God alone knows how she got the job although it has to be said the previous encumbant (Give) was pretty bloody useless too.

    I can only assume May wants a puppet in the job so she can call all the shots?

    • There is an opinion at the moment that May having told the three Brexit ministers, Johnson, Fox and Davis to share Chevening in Kent has caused squabbles between them thus ensuring negotiations will not go well and when things all go pear shaped she can firmly put the blame on the Brexit X-Men. Rivalry eh?