Better ageing through technology

Once in a while you come across something that just makes you question what sort of world we’re living in. Just such a program was ‘A Granny’s Guide to the Modern World’ on Channel 4.

Apart from being just plain bloody funny it’s also thought provoking – not least of all when they come out with an outrageously spoofed peice of technology and stick it in front of a focus group of the me generation.

Under the banner of a fictitious company called Grey Corp they introduced a product called the ‘Geriatric hypnosys chair’ which produces hypnotic patterns that incapacitate the old codger for up to 7 hours giving you the time to go out and do a days work while keeping your loved one perfectly safe.

Amazingly they all swallowed it hook line and sinker but a couple did think it should be limited to two hours otherwise it might be classed as abuse. Shurely not? Sadly, of course, its just a natural extension of sticking people in front of a TV set all day in a care home.

Then we come up with an app and chip system which enables your family to avoid all those hassles about who inherits what by allowing you to tag items you want while the soon to be dearly departed is still alive. You then upload the tag data via your mobile phone to a central database which logs and values it for you. Well they loved that because anything that uses an app has to be good, yeh?

And to complete our trio there’s another app called ‘Greydar’. You load it on you phone and if you come in range of another wrinkley with the same app it alerts you both. Swipe right for a shag or left to refuse. The main objection to this seemed to be that anyone over 55 shouldn’t be having sex. I was forced to ask myself why young people should be allowed casual sex organised over the internet but when old people do the same it was seen as distasteful?

And the piece de resistance? ‘A hotel group have shown interest in a tie-in allowing users to rent rooms by the hour’. Our group thought that was really disgusting.

Sadly all these spoofs were accepted without question by our focus group which leads me to believe that the current generation will accept anything if you stick a technology tag on it no how outrageous or ridiculous it obviously is. In every case they concluded there would be a market for the product.

If you haven’t watched this program then you really ought to get hold of it and give yourself a thought provokingly funny experience. It’s a little oasis in the desert of the media – and definitely better than watching the bloody Olympics…

4 responses to “Better ageing through technology

  1. Excellent. Nice to let kids know they can be daft, too.

  2. That ‘Graydar’ image – you really should have included a ‘trigger warning’ before showing one with HRC?

  3. Where can I download ‘Graydar’…..

  4. I need no Greycorp. I’m in a ‘Geriatric hypnosys chair’ right nowzzzzzzzz.