Sport. WTF?

I’m back from the wilds of the frozen north where I have been trying to occupy myself whilst not out walking in the rain by watching a bit of tellie. Trouble is that it got so bad that I went out walking in the rain in order to avoid what was on the tellie.

Now, I don’t really have a problem with sport. I’m not that interested in it, but I appreciate that there are lots of people who enjoy it and good luck to them. I just object to having it rammed down my throat at every juncture. I turn on the news in the morning and what do I get? The fucking Olympics – the biggest waste of time effort and money I can think of.

Now I’m not decrying the effort dedication and drugs that it takes to become a top athlete or sportsperson. What I don’t understand is how the fuck anyone can make a career and a paying living out of it whilst pretending to be an amateur. I mean how the fuck do you make a living out of riding a bike, chucking a spear, running about or prancing around on a mat?

And then when the wastes of space involved become famous, they get OBEs and knighthoods and come on the tellie telling us to donate £2 a month to feed a poor starving child in war torn bongo bongo land. Spend the fucking money you pissed up the wall on the bloody Olympics helping them instead FFS! Ask the people living in the shanty towns in Rio how they feel about the Olympics and see what they say.

And while we’re at it, same message to the Catholic Church. Flog off a few pieces from the Vatican museum and see how many people you can save for that before shoving the begging bowl under my nose. And that Tom Hiddleston and fuck off too while we’re at it…

But I digress. No news, just Olympics. No BBC1 programmes except Olympics. I looked at the BBC1 schedule for this week. The Olympic coverage is wall to wall from around 11am to the early hours of the next day except when there’s a break for the bloody football. And the big news? Some cunts in Manchester have paid £90million for a player. FFS! Ninety million bloody quid for some cunt to kick a ball about on a bit of grass!!! How many starving families in bongo bongo land could you feed with that little lot?

No, sport has got totally out of hand and, frankly, it’s pretty bloody boring as well…


9 responses to “Sport. WTF?

  1. So you’re back you old scrote. Had a good time? Well, forget the bastard. you’re back 🙂

    Ditto. Can’t stand the Olympics. Completely pointless and as bent and as corrupt as you like. What was his name now, oh yeah Juan Saramanch. and like that twat in FIFA – Blatter – the pair of them were as bent as marzipan fishing rods.

    Al Beeb thinks its great, but then they’re hardly a model of probity are they?

    They’re all a bunch . . . . . fill in the blanks yourself 🙂

    • Yep, I’m back. The lakes were great and the place we rented was ideal. Right in the village opposite the pub.
      Yorkshire was also very good. Nice rental place with a great view but a bit too much passing farm traffic. And when you’ve seen one moor, you’ve seen them all…

      • Oh I dunno:- I ‘spect Pete Sutcliffe will find a world of difference between Broadmoor and Dartmoor.

  2. The Olympics were opened up to professionals some years ago. Before that there were some truly professional amateurs. In comes the money, out goes the fun.

  3. Er that cunt you mention that kicks a ball about on a bit of grass will be getting paid £220,000 a week AFTER tax apparently. I hope the fans who pay their shillings to sit on a freezing cold terrace on a December and January day feel good about their sacrifice. Oh and of course the ones paying their Sky subs.

  4. The BBC have >300 “journalists” in Rio. WTF are they doing there (on our extorted licence fees)? It would be a shame if they went swimming in the raw sewage in the bay and perished in the shitfest sports there.

    • What gets me is that there are dedicated sports channels for those who want to watch sport. I don’t and I object to the entire BBC schedule being given over to it.
      I’m forced to pay for something I don’t want…

  5. My take on sport is that it has huge value if you do it for fun and to stay fit. There are few benefits to be had from watching other people being fit. Those of us who do sport for fun and fitness can’t help but admire those who do our chosen sport so much better than we can. I’m pushing 58 so I don’t feel bad about doing a half Ironman triathlon in 7 hours and 12 minutes. Some German guy has just done a full Ironman distance triathlon in under 7 hours and 26 minutes.

  6. It’s sport overload, first it was Euro then it was Wimbledon now the flaming Olympics, out it all on one channel and do us all a favour, but they wont it’s cheap programming. They complain they have no money but they spend fuck all, if they didn’t keep giving losers who can’t do the job they were employed to do golden hand shakes just to get rid of them because they were incompetent maybe they would have money for some decent programmes. I don’t miss TV and I sure as hell won’t be getting one any time soon. Every channel is packed to the rafters with junk , reality shows and repeats and rehashes of things that were once decent given the PC treatment. No they can fucking keep their rubbish “Programming” is that not another word for “Brainwashing” Good old BBC