Parish notice


I’m off to the Lakes for a couple of weeks.

Play nice!y until I get back…


8 responses to “Parish notice

  1. rapscallion

    “Play nice!y until I get back…”

    As if . . . . .

  2. Oswald Thake

    With your luck it will p**s it down the whole time!

  3. All this moving about:- methinks you’re trying to avoid someone. Plod? HMRC? Jealous husband?

    • Neighbours.

      My neighbours are total cunts but I’m buggered if they’ll force me to move! Anyhow, you have to get about a bit while you’re young enough and rich enough. Both commodities run out all too quickly.

      We like the Lakes. Been to Boot, Eskdale a couple of time. Last time was a couple of days after the Derek Bird shooting spree. I was sat in me favourite roadside chair at the local hostelry and this bloke said to me “You’re brave! Last guy who sat in that chair was blown apart with a shotgun!”

      I looked down and his blood was still on the flagstones. The IRA nearly got me three time way back when too. And I lost several friends in their prime – one in a hang glider crash, two from brain heamorages, one from cancer – all under 45.

      Life’s too bloody short to end up the richest man in the cemetery…

  4. Play nicely is not in my lexicon mate.

  5. Skidmark Eggfart

    What is going on at the other place?