Foodie heaven!

maison_bleueA Small Town Man post…

Some wonderful news this week for people who love their food – and here in Smalltown we’re very very fond of our food indeed. Oh yes! We’re seriously gastronomic which is why we’re blessed with so many first class eateries. Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Carluchios, Weatherspoons, Ember Inns and many more. They’re all here and just waiting to titivate our pallets with their extra fine fare.

And we’re delighted that Smalltown has no less than three restaurants in the top 100 in the UK as voted in a recent survey. We’re so lucky to live here!

I recalled my visit to the one at the very top of the list. It was a truly unique experience. One I shall never forget. It’s the only restaurant I’ve ever been into where Mrs STM and I were asked to leave. Seems I committed the ultimate sin by complaining that my food was cold! Shurely not in such a high class nationally renown establishment.

We both ordered duck. It was cold so we sent it back. It came back on a warmer plate but still cold. We send it back again. The owner was not amused. Oh no! She explained in her charmingly Gallic way that “You order de duck pink, this is ‘ow eet comes. We do not apply so much ‘eat!” Mrs STM was intrigued to know how that explained the cold vegetables as well? We were shown the door.

Seems the reviewers who voted for this palace of the French art of food just have considerably lower standards than us. Oh dear!


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