Cross-Channel ferry French security checks
Well, the French did warn us didn’t they? Vote for Brexit they said and there will be ‘consequences’ and true to their word the small minded, petty, leftie French bureaucrats took the first excuse they had to put it into effect, didn’t they?

Does anyone believe that the queues on the way to Dover had anything whatsoever to do with the terror attacks in Nice leading to enhanced security? No? I thought not…

It’s the start of the school holidays and maximum traffic trying to cross the Channel for the big getaway. Hardly unexpected was it? It happens every year and the tickets were bought in advance so everybody knew how many were coming. But the Froggies were caught unprepared and suffered serious understaffing issues with only three of the seven passport control booths open.

And naturally with the heightened security in place they had to check every single passport. That’s a big job when coaches are involved and it can take 40 minutes to check a single coach after all! And there’s a lot of coaches…

So here’s my advice to anyone who can see this shit for what is really is : stop buying french food and veg, french wine and beer, french cars, french perfumery, french electronics, french clothes and every other thing french. That’ll hit the bastards for 5.8% of their total export trade totalling over £30 billion a year.

They want consequences? Fucking give ’em consequences!..


3 responses to “Consequences

  1. Boycott French products, excellent idea.Please can I make one exception? I still wish to buy French Letters.

  2. As a nation the UK should persue a “buy EU last” policy, starting with those awful over priced and underspec German Panzer wagons.

  3. The other option available (but our lot are too effing gutless to do it) is to repeat the exercise on the other side of the Channel, with a slight difference – we have a 3 booths for UK vehicles only, and one for all the others. Tell ya what, it will last one day and then the Frogs will see sense and stop being a bunch of C***s, Two can play this poxy game.