Lookalikes : Michael Gove

Pob …………………………………. Gove

Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between Tory Brexiteer and political assassin Michael Gove and that lovable 1980s children’s TV character, Pob?

One speaks a primitive version of English and lives inside the viewer’s TV. The other is a puppet…

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told!


4 responses to “Lookalikes : Michael Gove

  1. Well you got a chuckle from me rather than a LOL.

  2. Dio no article after the new cabinet? What’s going on old boy?

  3. Beautiful. When you sit back and think of how things have changed over the last 3 weeks, it really is quite something. I’m glad that horrible little creep has been, to borrow your phrase, “relegated to the dustbin of history” – which is exactly where he belongs.

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