Andrea Leadsom

I can’t pretend that I am not disappointed that Andrea Leadsom has decided not to continue in the race for the Tory leadership. She is a woman who has shown that she has exceptional qualities to offer but it is clear that 60% of MPs will back her opponent and that if the party grassroots elect her then we end up with a similar position to the Labour Party – a leader who does not command the confidence of the majority of her MPs.

Leadsom has conducted herself admirably during the course of the contest and by withdrawing to avoid the ongoing Westminster vacuum, she is acting in the best interests of the country.

I said some time ago that I felt that Theresa May would be the next PM and I take no comfort in being proven right. May has been preparing for this fight for years whilst Leadsom has only had days I’ve been unimpressed with the way she hedged her bets during the referendum. I prefer politicians who show commitment rather than steering her way through troubled waters by playing safe.

Having said this, May’s speech this morning did show her coming off the fence – although it would be nice if I had more confidence that she was actually going to deliver on what she says. Time will tell.

Hopefully, Leadsom will get a place around the cabinet table. I think it would be a bad error of judgement if May excluded her. If you are looking to unify your party then you have to include people who have stood against you. Also, not being politically naive, I wonder whether Leadsom has already received a job offer in the new government.

I have been impressed by Leadsom and wish her the very best in the future. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her…


7 responses to “Andrea Leadsom

  1. Stonyground

    I am disappointed but I got the impression that she was a little out of her depth. Making the statements about being a mother being an asset for a PM and then, when that didn’t go down well, desperately backtracking and claiming not to think that at all. That didn’t strike me as being particularly statesmanlike.

    • She walked into a trap. The manufactured outrage that followed merely tells us that the fourth estate is probably marginally more vile than the politicians. It’s a close call, mind…

  2. Kath Gillon

    I have to admit I am deeply disappointed also, shame really she could have been very good.

    • I’d be surprised if she wasn’t included in the cabinet. May might well have the support of two thirds of the PCP but let’s not forget that Leadsom had the support of the other third.
      Whilst disappointed, you need a lot of balls to take on a challenge like this and at the end of the day maybe she wasn’t ready and let’s face it, nobody had heard of her before the referendum.

      She’s come a long way in a short time. As for Theresa May. I forecast a long while back she’d be the next female PM but that doesn’t mean I think she’s the best person for the job. Mind you – look at the alternatives!

  3. Oh – and talking of forcing the hand of the new PM, that petition to speed up article 50 is gaining signatures rapidly since Leadsom dropped out!
    Sign it now if you haven’t already :

  4. Already signed this about a week ago 🙂 good that it’s gathering pace .

  5. It all goes to prove the old adage:- It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.