Fuck off, Jeremy!

…and just for once, I’m not talking about Jeremy Corbyn although I do think he should fuck off too! I’m talking about the other idiot Jeremy – Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt thinks that we shouldn’t trigger article 50 during the lifetime of this parliament. In other words, we’ll still be part of the EU shitfest until 2022 at the earliest. And maybe not even then because Hunt the Cunt thinks that we then need another referendum to decide on the exit terms.

And laughably Hunt thinks that defying the will of the British people and fudging his way towards us staying in the EU after all is a ticket which will win him a general election. The man is fucking deluded!!!!

Perhaps we could have a new directive from Brussels making it illegal for any person called Jeremy to lead a political party? They’d get my vote on that one!

Jeremy old son, you must be fucking joking!!!!

Rant over. I’m off to lie down in a darkened room…


3 responses to “Fuck off, Jeremy!

  1. For some light relief, there’s a brilliant piss take on Brexit this morning from Flaxen Saxon which is well worth a read and a chuckle…

  2. Hunt has just ruled himself out of the tory leadership race with comments like that. The next leader of the Tory party MUST be a Brexit campaigner – nothing else will do.

  3. Someone was on the radio this morning genuinely claiming Hunt was a sociopath, I think they are spot on