The unwashed ain’t happy!

I love bullshit in all its forms and by now I can smell it a mile off!

After the Brexit cote was over, the yoof descended on Downing Street to protest that that their wishes were being ignored and that they vehemently opposed the Leave vote. Diddums! The claim that the ‘millenials’ (feral yoof) where stitched up by the ‘baby boomers’ (people with a bit of experience of life) and in todays Daily Fail they’ve published a YouGov poll to support the argument.

YouGov – one of the pollsters that got the result wrong – published figures that say 75% of 18-24 years olds voted to remain in the EU compared to 39% of over 65s. How do they know this? It was a secret ballot – and even if we accept that you could link the numbers on the ballot papers to the electoral role, it would take a good few days more yet to analyse 35,000,000 ballot papers. So how did they do it?

Well, it seems YouGov did an opinion poll! FFS, you couldn’t make it up, could you?

In any case, percentages are the biggest bullshit indicators of the lot. Think about it. I give you money : would you rather have 1% of £1,000 or 10% of £100? And that’s what makes percentages liars. The remain campaign tried it with the trade figures. They claimed that 44% of our exports go to the EU whereas only 5% of EU exports come to us. So on the face of it, there’s a huge trade imbalance. But actual money shows that the EU sell us more than we sell them – the exact opposite of the percentages.

But there’s one percentage that I am sure of. The people peddling this nonsense can 100% fuck right off…


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  1. You would, or perhaps not, be amazed at the amount of petitions that have sprung up out there on the net over this. Here’s just a few:

    Declare the referendum result illegitimate as 4% isn’t an overwhelming mandate for Brexit!

    The Prime Minister should not invoke Article 50 to trigger our leaving the EU

    Brighton & Hove Independence Referendum – Leave UK, Stay in EU

    Reverse the Brexit Effect before it’s too late!

    Rehold EU Referendum allowing 16 and 17 year olds to vote

    And on and on they go. I’m surprised the EU are not demanding we re-run it. At the moment the sounds coming out from Brussels seem to be they want to get rid of us as soon as possible, well that’s alright by me.

    • So far :
      “17 people have supported your petition so far. We’re checking your petition to make sure it meets the petition standards. If it does, we’ll publish it. This usually takes a week or less.”
      What the bet it gets delayed the full week…?

  2. It’s one thing claiming that 75% of 18-24’s that voted voted to remain, but does anyone know the estimated percentage of 18-24 yr olds who actually bothered to vote?

  3. I mean, shouldn’t they be spitting out their dummies towards their own age group who couldn’t be arsed to register, or if they were registered didn’t use their vote?

  4. Kath Gillon

    I have seen comments about how all the oldies ruined if the Youffs . that we will all be dead soon so shouldn’t have been allowed to vote at all. That we should all fuck off and die. Really so charming and so educated these Student types. They seem to forget a few things. A/ most of us remember when the Common Market was set up and therefore remember what it was like before. B/ maybe because we have some age and experience and have lived through what the EU has become from where it started that MAYBE JUST MAYBE we are trying, WITH our experience of the EU to save these whining little dickheads from a fate worse than death.
    I despair all my children 2 under 25 voted LEAVE. so NOT all the youths have voted remain.

  5. The other half reckons 75% of eligible younger people didn’t vote.

  6. Kath Gillon

    Can I just leave this link it’s for a clip on youtube from yes minister and it’s bloody hilarious.

  7. I’m severely pissed off at the nonsense going on about a second referendum and all the silly petitions that have been set up, so I chatted it over with my mate ChasC and we’ve started a counter one. (In his name because Dioclese obviously isn’t a real name)

    We need five signatures to get it live, so I’m asking you to help by signing as a supporter please

    The petition:

    The government must reject calls for a second EU referendum

    On 23rd June 2016 the British people voted 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. This result is quite clear and gives a clear majority for Brexit. Calls for a further referendum should be rejected because the question was concise and the result clear and beyond dispute.

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    • Now only four needed Mr D, just signed it. The other petition is hacking me off as well.

  8. Even the Mash seems to be having a massive tantrum.

    • “The Mash” is really undergraduate humour (think of the bastard lovechild of Viz and Any Rag Mag: superficially amusing but devoid of serious satire. So it’s tantrum is entirely in keeping.

  9. English Grandad

    Petition signed.

  10. Both I and the lady wife have signed:- I await notice that it’s reached 5, so I can FB it and share it everywhere.

  11. Signed…

    BTW it was a estimated 36% of the 18-24 age group

    So around two thirds didn’t give fuck either way, or were complacent.

  12. Kath Gillon

    I’ve signed.

  13. Two signatories here..

  14. I signed earlier!

  15. Consider it done

    As expected, they rejected our petition although, to be fair, it was on the grounds that there already was a similar one so that’s reasonable!

    The other one is here: