Decision time

Today is a day that will go down in British history whichever way the vote goes.

Let’s remember that when you cast a vote, it’s only possible because this is a democratic country and that people gave their lives so that you can walk into a polling station today and put a cross on a piece of paper to tell the government what is the will of the people they govern. Don’t cheapen the memory of these people by not voting.

To those people who say to me “I never vote because it encourages the bastards”, I say “Then don’t complain to me that you don’t like the result” because by not voting, you’re saying “Feel free to treat me any way you choose. I don’t care because I couldn’t even be arsed to put a cross on a bit of paper!”

I think my views on which way I vote are pretty well known but even if you don’t agree with me, you should still vote today. There’s absolutely no excuse…


9 responses to “Decision time

  1. Margo Jackson

    Of course I’m voting, and I’m voting to Leave, and I thank you for all your very interesting and informative articles throughout this amazingly shoddy and disgraceful Referendum campaign.

  2. I read your blog most days. My family has all voted. That’s 6 leave votes.

  3. I regularly read (and thoroughly enjoy) your blog: I’m afraid you haven’t influenced me to vote “Leave” – as (IMHO) a fairly sane rational individual who has a healthy contempt for the PTB, my vote to leave has been awaiting it’s chance for many years.

    • Likewise.

    • My view hasn’t changed either. We never voted for the EU. Last time round it was the common market not the EUSSR!

      The traitor Heath knew this was coming and sold us down the river! Let’s hope we take this chance to get out because we won’t get another chance…

  4. We are all out to so that’s 4 more!

  5. Stonyground

    Three more outs from our family too.