10 things the EU have in store for us if we stay [5]


Tomorrow’s the big day, so if you’re still undecided, here’s my final two of the ten nasty things the EU wants to drop on us if we stay in. And these are the biggies!

9. Quotas for online TV
The European Commission wants online providers to reserve 20 per cent of their content for European programmes which should, it says, be given ‘good visibility’.
EU rules already oblige terrestrial TV to invest in, and broadcast, a certain amount of European material.

The European Commission doesn’t want online providers to be exempt. So, more Euro-noir, less U.S. drama.

Himler would have been pleased. First control the media, and then —-

10. A European Army
‘No one is talking about a European Army’, say Remainers. No one, except the people running the EU. The European Commission, in its formal statement, calls a European Army ‘a strategic necessity’.

One by one, the EU has acquired the attributes of statehood: a president and a parliament; a currency and taxes; embassies and a foreign minister; a supreme court and a legal system; a national anthem and a flag. A European Army is the logical next step.

Propaganda gets you a dictatorship and if you want to enforce that dictatorship, then history tells us that the next step is to control the armed forces. Worried yet? You should be

So if you still want to vote remain tomorrow then you have to be nuts!


2 responses to “10 things the EU have in store for us if we stay [5]

  1. I don’t know anyone at all who is voting remain. My concern is that this referendum is already fixed as there are no exit polls.