10 things the EU have in store for us if we stay [1]


Over the next few days running up to the EU referendum. I’m highlighting what the EU have in store for us if we remain…

Here’s the first two :

1. Banning high energy appliances
The EU plans to outlaw high-energy dishwashers, hair-dryers and other household appliances. It comes after lobbying by German manufacturers, who see an opportunity to keep competitors out of the market.
Even supporters reluctantly admit its environmental impact would be tiny: these gadgets account for 12 per cent of household energy use, or 1 per cent of our carbon footprint. As so often, something presented as eco-friendly turns out to be about commercial advantage.
The proposal, as Commissioner Jyrki Katainen observes, has been ‘ridiculed in the media’. He means the British media, and he’s right. The Finnish politician’s response? Postpone it until autumn.

2. A bigger budget
A mid-term review of the European Union’s seven-year budget was due at the start of the year. But it’s been postponed till after our referendum. Brussels officials privately admitted they were reluctant to give extra ammunition to British Leave campaigners.
What extra ammunition? By the EU’s own admission, its unpaid bills amount to €24.7 billion (£19.6 billion).
Britain pays 12.5 per cent of the budget, so our share of those bills is an additional £2.4 billion. That’s before the extra money being demanded by MEPs to deal with the migration crisis.

More nasty stuff tomorrow


4 responses to “10 things the EU have in store for us if we stay [1]

  1. Kath Gillon

    The EU really is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it! Now some mentally unstable bloke has shot and stabbed Jo Cox whilst yelling “Britain first” which could in all likelihood just mean Britain first and have absolutely no reference to those loonies. Referendum campaigning has been “suspended” (Although that didn’t stop that twat Khan making asides about how ALL the EU campaigners should be ashamed of their conduct, and it’s all their fault Jo Cox has been murdered, unlike him who has done NOOOTHING wrong). Apparently it’s all the fault of the EU referendum campaigning for inciting racial hatred and promoting fears about immigration. You really can’t believe these wankers could even use the death of a MP to capitalise on their tripe peddling. My God I just don’t recognise this country anymore. The politicians make all the mistakes and then blame the electorate for their greedy grasping hypocrisy.
    My son shared an amazing video with me , which just about sums up how I feel about all this. Here is the link for anyone interested. https://www.facebook.com/EvolvePolitics/?fref=nf

  2. If anybody is under the illusion that voting for remain is a vote for the status quo then I have bad, bad news for you. It is either out and freedom, or in and toward full political integration.

    Any toerag who dares to bitch about the EU and yet voted remain shall incur my full wrath. The will get a full broadside that is so bad they’ll never dare raise the subject with me again.