Leaving the EU

I’ve escaped! I’ve left the European Union and frankly, if the rest of you have any sense, you’ll be voting on the 23rd to do the same thing.

I’m in Guernsey for a week or so, so I’m going to leave a series of pointers over the next few days leading up to the big vote. I think I’ve made my views well known enough and I cast my vote a week ago so I’m taking a well earned rest.

With luck, as long as I keep the TV off I’ll be spared the last week of ranting, ramblings, ravings and mud slinging of the Neverendum because there are no polling stations here. There’s no referendum voting or campaigning here. The Channel Islands might be quintessentially British but they’re not part of the European Union, the lucky sods.

It might be worth reflecting therefore exactly how a tiny little place like the Channel Islands can survive outside the EU whereas we keep being told that as the 5th largest economy in the world, we’re doomed to economic, political and social collapse if we leave. The answer of course is that it’s a centre for financial services – rather like the City of London – but it’s also a tax haven. It’s one of those nasty little places that rich politicians pretend they want to clamp down on when they really don’t.

Anyway, must go. I’m off to check on my offshore investment portfolio…


2 responses to “Leaving the EU

  1. Yeah, funny that isn’t. Guernsey is microscopic in comparison to mainland UK, and yet they’re thriving. We would go broke of course the moment we left the EUSSR. What a load of absolute bloody rubbish.

    They’re all a bunch of c .. ……

  2. I have a feeling that a certain nutjob in a small Yorkshire town has completely f@cked up the referendum and in the process the future of a whole nation and possibly by association Europe.