Project Panic


Yes, there’s only a week or so to go before the big day, and the good news is that Project Fear has been abandoned. The bad news is that it’s been replaced by Project Panic…

Over the weekend, the Remain campaign held its war council and decided that David Cameron is now viewed as ‘toxic’ and should take a back seat for the remainder of the campaign.

On Monday, David Cameron tried to ‘terrify pensioners’ into voting to stay in the EU as he ramped up warnings about the cost of Brexit. Amid mounting panic in the Remain camp, the Prime Minister suggested he could be forced to scrap the so-called ‘triple lock’, which guarantees the state pension rises each year by whichever is highest – wage growth, inflation or 2.5 per cent.

Of course anyone with a brain knows that that’s absolute cobblers! At least half of the Tory party wouldn’t vote for it, nor would the SNP or Labour Party so how exactly would it get through the House of Commons? The answer is, of course, that it wouldn’t!

Mr Cameron then said pensioners’ free bus passes and TV licences could also be lost after Brexit – and warned that spending in areas such as health and defence could suffer. I’m only surprised that he hasn’t chucked in abolishing free prescription charges for the over 60s while he was at it. Or how about going the whole hog and introducing compulsory euthanasia for anyone over 70?

And news broke yesterday that Tory party backers are withdrawing their support because of Project Fear. Edi Truell, a pensions expert who has given the party £270,000 since 2010 said he was witholding further financial support until Cameron steps down. He said the pensions warning was the last straw in a series of ‘unfair’ and ‘irresponsible’ claims.

He added that a number of other party donors are also considering their position.

So in his final act of desperation, Cameron will effectively hand over the campaign to keep Britain in the EU to Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn in response to growing fears that traditional Labour voters will back Leave next week. In a move that echoes the final desperate days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the Prime Minister will let his Labour predecessor take the lead in the hope Mr Brown can reach working-class voters.

Frankly when you get to the point when you are forced to take a back seat to people like Brown and Corbyn, you know you’re well and truly fucked.

It’s time to go – both for the EU and Mr Cameron…


2 responses to “Project Panic

  1. Kath Gillon

    “Money, Money, Money, must be funny in a richman’s world” (to quote ABBA) The main problem with the Remain mob, is they have totally misread what the public actually cares about and focused almost solely on the financial implications or lack thereof and the reason for that…well could it be they are showing the electorate the only thing that matters to THEM, their wallets and let’s be honest most of us could manage our finances even if financial apocalypse followed a vote to leave. But these fat cats would all drown in a sea of their own feces and would have no clue how to manage a “budget” in the real world. At the end of the day they are showing us that all they care about is cash in all it’s forms and not the good of this country or the people who voted these fuckers into their lucrative lifestyles. They are always looking at the next big payout and where they can fleece the next sucker and for most of them thats the EU. No EU no 25th foreign holiday and a new porsche next year. Sam Cameron may find herself shopping at Primark, Now THAT I would pay to see! Her, Dave and the kids looking bemused and saying “What do you mean self services, and where are the personal shoppers, private viewing rooms and champagne”

    • It’s getting worse too. Just wrote a piece on Osborne’s latest antics scheduled to pop up here in a couple of hours time. Coming thick and fast at the moment isn’t it?

      Remember the words of Jake Thackery in ‘The Bull’

      The bigger the bull, the bigger the bull, the bigger the balls
      And the bigger and thicker and quicker and slicker the bullshit falls