The end of civilisation…

Just when you thought Project Fear couldn’t get any more ridiculous, up comes Donald Tusk to prove you wrong…

Tusk has said – believe it or not! – that Britain leaving the EU could trigger the end of Western civilisation and the collapse of the global order as we know it.

Tusk said ‘no-one could foresee’ the consequences of Brexit. The problem is that he then goes on to do precisely that!

‘As a historian I fear that Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also of western political civilisation in its entirety’ he says. ‘Everyone in the EU, but especially the Brits themselves, would lose out economically.’

To quote James Dyson, that’s absolute cobblers!


5 responses to “The end of civilisation…

  1. Fear mongering is a powerful tool it can be used in any which way, I expected this whole brexit scenario before it even happened.

  2. Kath Gillon

    Seriously! What other unadulterated tripe can these wankers come up with to scare people . So the threat of a 3rd world war , and Britain sinking into the sea from poverty and loneliness was not enough now we have to have total global collapse! You couldn’t make this shit up..OH NO WAIT THEY HAVE.
    What seems to be ignored by Remain is that our greatest strength was always being an island and making our own decisions, things only got this shit since we joined the EU. We managed fine before we can manage fine again, in fact it may just be better than fine. It sure as hell can’t be any worse.

  3. So far we’ve had a run on the pound, fall in house prices, a crashed economy, climate change, losing our pensions, no more international collaboration on research, cancer and now the end of civilisation. Have I missed anything?

    So, that’s a “leave” vote in the bag, then…

  4. Still no Zombie Apocalypse (unless we consider the apparatchiks in the EUSSR). Now we’ve had Snotty McDoom (the man who singlehandedly destroyed our pensions) telling us that our pensions may not be safe if we leave. Of course they’re not safe you snot gobbling mong, YOU destroyed them remember? And they say McDoom does not do irony or has a sense of humour…

  5. The one thing that is likely to bring about the end of European civilisation is mass migration form the Middle East and the Third World, bringing with it all the mindless sectarian violence and corruption that comes with it. The EU’s response has been worse than pathetic. people like Tusk are the danger. I did not elect him. Nobody did. Time for a Revolution, mes braves, And incompetent totalitarians like Tusk should first for a ride in the tumbrils.