Urquhart on #Brexit…

In an interview with Andrew Neil, Chief Whip Francis Urquhart breaks his silence on the EU Referendum and David Cameron…

Neil : Let’s get straight to the point. Should we remain or leave the EU?

Urquhart : Well, I think we’ve had a pretty clear indication from the country that people are looking for some kind of change.

Neil : And David Cameron’s performance in the Remain cause??

Urquhart : He’s not absolutely certain where the danger lies, for one thing; and a sudden flurry of changes may look like panic. You, on the other hand, may feel that if you were… the Captain of the Titanic, you wouldn’t be saying “Steady as she goes”.

Neil : If I were… Captain of the Titanic… which of my senior officers should I be worried about?

Urquhart : Beware of an old man in a hurry. Have you heard that phrase?

Neil : So you don’t think he’ll survive as leader…

Urquhart : You know the man now. You can see he has nowhere to go. He’s begging to be set free. He’s had enough. If you have pangs of pity, crush them now. Grind them under your heel like old cigar butts. He didn’t have the brain or the heart or the stomach to rule a country like Great Britain. A nice enough man, but there was no bottom to him. His deepest need was that people should like him. An admirable trait, that, in a spaniel or a whore β€” not, I think, in a Prime Minister, hmm?

We simply put the poor bastard out of his agony. So let’s not indulge ourselves in any squeamishness. Remember that frightfully nice man who talked a lot about the classless society? He has to go, of course, in the end. Everything changes.

Neil : And the accusation of negative campaigning and scaremongering by Remain? Project Fear and all that goes with it?

Urquhart : I don’t think the people will want any more muckraking. I think the whole nation is sick to death of negative campaigning and dirty tricks. They want to be given hope, they want something positive. I want to show them that there is an alternative.

After the smiles. After the handshakes. After the arms around shoulders and the merry, hollow laughter. After the conditional promise and the purchased friendship. After the elusive, dangling reward, the nagging threat. After all that – the calculation of the odds, the sifting of the probabilities – and then, the fear. Fear in the smell of damp newsprint and the crackle of the radio. Fear that this might be the day that we wake to find the magic gone.

Neil : So your view is that the EU is floundering and taking Cameron with it… that we should get out while we can?

Urquhart : You might very well think that. I couldn’t possibly comment…

Neil : Thank you Mr Urquhart.


5 responses to “Urquhart on #Brexit…

  1. Quite πŸ™‚ I noted on some televisual advertisement, which I unfortunately happened to catch a glimpse of that we are all supposed to have received our “Impartial” guide to the EU referendum and “That you can’t miss it, it shines bright like a torch”. Well not only have I not received any such missive I definitely haven’t had anything Impartial or bright through my door. What I have had is a load of scaremongering bollox from the remain mob!

    • Pleased to say I’ve not received mine either!

      Incidentally, all of Urquhart’s words above are dialog taken from the original (and superior!) House of Cards…

  2. The Remainers were too confident and arrogant a few months ago. This last minute shitting themselves in public is pathetic, ill-advised and clear evidence that we’re governed by weak, self-serving muppets.

  3. rapscallion

    The remainiacs overdid the fear stuff to the extent that the people were making a joke out of it. Which comes first, Economic meltdown or WW III?
    Having Obummer with his two-pennorth made it less plausible and then the Frogs and the Krauts having a pop saying we’ll get our revenge on you. Do these gits not understand the we British don’t respond well to that sort of sh1t. In fact, if anything we immediately take the opposite view because we’re so wonderfully sheer bloody-minded like that.