It’s Boris bashing time…!

Well last night the EU referendum campaign sank even lower when ITV staged a three on three debate between the remain and leave camps which degenerated into :

(a) you’re all fookin’ liars ya Toory scum!
(b) Boris isn’t interested in jobs in the UK – he just wants Cameron’s job

And that think just about sums it all up. Whilst the Leave side tried to make their points in a civilised manner and to defend their views and figures, the Remain camp preferred to sling mud and personal insults.

Personally, I think Boris came out of it quite well. You have to admire a man who can keep his cool in what was a sustained torrent of personal abuse. The baddies on the night were clearly all on the remain side. The only think the three witches were missing was a cauldron to dance around. “Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble” if we leave the EU.

You expect this sort of performance from Nicola Sturgeon who was downright rude and offensive to Boris. She called him a liar more than once and used the word “Tory” as a term of abuse. Angela Eagle was even worse. She did slip up once when she said she was more interested in fighting the Tory party than the EU.

And as for Amber Rudd – well, she was the harpy in the blue suit. On immigration she was appalling, even denying that she was elected on a manifesto that promised to cut immigration to ‘tens of thousands’ so clearly facts are something that she really doesn’t want to cling to. Rudd also repeatedly clashed with Andrea Leadsom, criticising her over the “company she keeps” in the Leave campaign by arguing against the EU alongside Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader. Ms Leadsom replied : “This really is the lowest of low.” and that just about summed up the entire evening.

No, I think on the whole the Remain side did themselves no favours last night. They came over as nasty and vindictive, hurling bucketloads of personal invective across the stage. That the Leave camp kept it’s dignity and failed to rise to it did them immense credit.

One response to “It’s Boris bashing time…!

  1. I am surprised Amber had time to attend and share her views on the EU given her D I V O R C E crisis with Johnny Depp and her domestic abuse claims………..Oh wait,you mean she’s not Amber Heard well I would imagine the intellectual level and the ability to lie lie like her pant’s are on fire is what confused me . 😀